Woman says her dog’s ‘big stretch’ was a sign of cancer

The TikTok creator @sweetteatate is using her platform to share with viewers what she thinks may have been a sign of cancer in her dog, Barley, in hopes it may alert other dog owners.

However, the behavior of @sweetteatate sites is quite typical, almost universal – stretching, also known as bowing. There is little information available online to suggest this behavior is a sign of cancer, however, it may be a sign of abdominal pain if the behavior is atypical of the animal.

She says it was the first sign, followed by others including the appearance of lumps and weightlessness that culminated in a diagnosis of stage five lymphoma in March.

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Many commenters were confused by his warning, writing in his comments section that it is normal behavior for most dogs they have encountered.

“It’s called a big stretch and you give them squeaky scratches after the words,” one commenter wrote.

“How does that make sense?” another commenter wrote. “My dog ​​does this every day when he stretches.”

“My dog ​​does this every morning when he gets up before going out,” wrote one commenter. “There’s nothing wrong with my baby.”

Other reviewers shared that their dogs displayed similar behavior before a vet determined they were in extreme stages of the disease.

“My dog ​​would sit like this for minutes at a time,” one commenter wrote. “I wish I knew she passed away from kidney failure/cancer, we were too late, we miss her everyday.”

“Yes! My dog ​​has done this many times and was not happy – had (an) infected gallbladder,” wrote one commenter. “Need emergency surgery.

“My dog ​​does this every time he has a stomach ache,” another commenter wrote. “When he had a stomach condition, he did it 24/7, you’ll know if it’s wrong with (your) dog.”

@sweetteatate said in a follow up video that when her dog started doing this “out of nowhere” she got worried but brushed her off at first.

“I started googling and asking around, actually it just said it was a playful thing or it was stretching and I knew it wasn’t true,” says- she. “I kind of ended up ignoring him because nothing else was really going on and he seemed fine, but then he started running out of energy. He wasn’t not lethargic at the time, but I could tell he wasn’t himself and I thought that this position he was in was trying to tell me something.

She says she shared Barley’s symptoms with her vet and was told to seek more immediate care, but he was cleared by this new vet. Months later, @sweetteatate learned he had lymphoma.

The Daily Dot contacted @sweetteatate via Instagram DM regarding the video.

*First published: May 2, 2022, 8:45 a.m. CDT

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