Woman found in backyard likely mutilated to death by her dogs

A woman found dead in her backyard in the U.S. state of Texas may have been mutilated to death by her two dogs, police say.

48-year-old Tiffany Frangione was discovered at her Houston home on November 19 with a sting in her neck.

According to ABC 13, during the investigation into the woman’s death, police developed the theory that Ms Frangione had allowed her two dogs – a female Alaskan husky and a male Cane Corso – into the backyard where they started to fight with the neighbor’s dog through a fence.

Police believe Ms Frangione may have attempted to intervene in the scuffle when her dogs turned on her.

Police believe the woman was mutilated to death by her beloved dogs. Source: Instagram

“It makes me very sad to happen to anyone – and to someone from our own neighborhood, it’s even worse,” neighbor Kelia Ballou told KHOU11.

Forensic pathologists are said to still be working to formally determine the woman’s cause of death.

However, ABC 13 reported that both dogs have been signed for euthanization.

Ms Frangione operated social media accounts on Instagram for her two beloved dogs.

Last month, a 42-year-old woman in the US state of Oregon was mutilated to death by a dog with a history of attacks while trying to protect her children.

In June, a woman from Queensland was mutilated to death by three dogs, while in July a 5 month old baby was killed by family dog ​​on central NSW coast.

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