Wild Dogs in Big Spring, Mayor Proposes Changes

BIG SPRING, Texas (Nexstar) – Big Spring Mayor Shannon Thomason says there are increasing numbers of stray dogs running in packs throughout the city, now the mayor and city council are taking steps to try to remedy the situation.

According to a Facebook post, the Council is considering suspending the animal shelter’s “no kill” policy.

“It’s the last thing I want to do, but we have to find space at the shelter. I know some of you have stepped up and are helping to save dogs. If we can keep this up, we won’t have no need to euthanize,” Thomason wrote.

Now, Thomason is asking volunteers to consider adopting or fostering a shelter dog if possible. The city is also looking for other alternatives to get more dogs off the streets and into loving homes.

However, adoption will not be an option for all of Big Spring’s strays.

“The city has made arrangements to once again use the Western Hills facility to store stray dogs in packs and ACOs (Animal Control Officers) will aggressively tackle the packs early next week barring weather issues. Unfortunately, because these dogs are starting to go feral, these dogs are unlikely to be rescued or adopted due to their aggressiveness,” Thomason pointed out.

Thomason said the city is also renovating the old shelter to create more space to house wanderers. This renovation will cost taxpayers nothing.

“At the end of last year, I was able to negotiate an extension and expansion of one of the city’s mining leases so that we didn’t have to hit the ratepayers for this expense,” Thomason said.

The city is also working to make the adoption process much easier.

“We are also beginning the process of creating a shelter manager position which will make the shelter more accessible to people who want to be fostered or adopted. We will also make the shelter a ‘one stop shop’ for the process,” Thomason said.

Additionally, Thomason said he will be proposing changes to the current animal code.

“Most likely starting with citizens who need to get a breeder’s license to keep unfixed dogs. I think the license will be free, but the fines for letting an unmodified animal run around will be a little steep. No one should having to get his dog fixed if he wants to raise his dog and there are a lot of pet owners who take good care of their pets,” Thomason said. “At the end of the day, we just need everyone world take action and be responsible pet owners. As always, I encourage everyone to neuter or neuter your pets.

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