What is the impact of the weather on the adoption process?

AIKEN, SC (WRDW / WAGT) – Summer can be a great time to play outside and splash around with your best friend, but it can also be a tough time to adopt pets.

“We are absolutely at full capacity. We have far too many animals here looking for a home and we are really desperate to get them out of here. (Kathy Jacobs, FOTAS Program Coordinator)

When intense heat, cold, rain or extreme weather conditions are forecast, we are not the only ones concerned.

“The weather has a very big impact on the behavior of dogs here at the shelter.”

Jacobs says dogs can smell lightning and thunder from thunderstorms – which we know – often occur on summer afternoons.

“We’re not there all night to comfort them, so it’s really stressful for them. So you will see them act very differently in the morning when we come for a walk. “

This can be a problem the next day for someone looking for a pet. These storms – or intense heat can also reduce the number of volunteers – and traffic at the shelter –

“The public don’t come to adopt on a rainy day – they don’t want to bring a dog home in the rain, so these guys are just sitting here.

Employees do what they can to entertain the animals and keep them comfortable when the weather is intense, but the truth is …

“They’re not getting any better sitting here in the kennel.”

So, they are begging you – to help find these pets – for homes to keep them safe and loving them when bad weather strikes.

Reporting to Aiken, Mikel Hannah-Harding – On your side.

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