Valley Pet Rescues Launches Website to Help Evicted Animals

PHOENIX – During the foreclosure crisis of 2008, Jodi Polanski founded Lost Our Home Pet Rescue to handle the influx of animals that lost their homes with their owners.

Today, it is one of the few shelters to manage a temporary shelter for pets that the owners wish to keep but whose living conditions do not allow it.

Since October 2020, when the expiration date of the first eviction moratorium has drawn closer, Polanki and several other rescues around the valley have come together to try to mitigate what they predict will be an influx of homeless pets at the end of the moratorium. Even with that in place, Polanski said his rescue receives hundreds of requests each month and can only help a fraction of them.

“There’s not much you know a rescue could do and so we decided to get together as a whole,” Polanski said.

With limited space and resources, she says they’ll need help from the community.

The group created to connect pet parents with temporary foster homes.

“So people who need temporary care for their pets can place their pets up there at the temporary care site. And then the people who want to be able to temporarily take care of people’s pets to help them, ”she said.

The website allows animals to be displayed with a description of their particular needs. And it allows potential host families to contact the owners directly. Polanski says the site also provides agreements to set a timeline, special needs and other legal issues.

But Polanski says the program will only work if there are enough host families to help; especially for large dogs that are difficult to place.

“So if you are able to host, you don’t have any dogs at home right now and you like big dogs, we would love for you to come in foster care for us,” he said. she declared.

If you need help with your pet or are interested in a foster family, visit their website here for more information in English and Spanish.

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