Tuesday Ratings | MAFS expands; SAS AUSTRALIA tanks; 10 goes to the dogs | #TVratingsAU

Dogs continue to do great business on free-to-air TV (the four-legged kind, not the shows that are about dogs).

A topical matter (777,000) remains important for Nine, but it is the enormous Married at first sight (1,028,000) numbers that will bring joy – the biggest result of this season and there is still so much room for improvement (expect Sunday’s episode to eclipse that). The Hundred with Andy Lee (461,000) is up from last week, and a repeat of True story with Hamish and Andy (128,000) fills overnight.
Top nine in the primary (28.3%) and network (35.5%) rankings.

Seven is even better Far from home (517,000). SAS Australia (345,000) hits a new series low – catch-up numbers won’t save that. A double episode of The recruit (190,000; 172,000) had mixed results at the end of the evening.
Seven second in the primary (16.2%) and network (25.1%) rankings.

Poor old 10. They can’t even seem to buy viewers. The project (203,000 6:30 p.m.; 324,000 7 p.m.) is in the doldrums, and even the season 2 premiere of The Dog House Australia (424,000) — despite being a high point for the network — is down 12% from last year’s premiere. NCIS (235,000) is up from last week but uncompetitive, as is NCIS: Los Angeles (139,000), like a repeat of NCIS (84,000) fills in the blanks.
10 third in the primary (10.1%) and network (16.7%) rankings.

7:30 a.m. (545,000) lands hard for ABC, but disappointed in partnership by Outback ringtone (254,000). The exhibitionists (171,000) does not attract much audience for a one-off, and a repeat of i am wanita (76,000) fills the night.
ABC fourth in the primary (9.2%) and network (15.2%) rankings.

A Strong SBS Tuesday Night: A Rod Marsh Rehearsal Who do you think you are? Australia (179,000), Overview (141,000), framed (68,000) and The flow (32,000).
SBS fifth in the primary (4.4%) and network (7.6%) rankings.


16-39: Married at First Sight (219,000) is ahead of Nine News at 6:30 p.m., The Hundred with Andy Lee, Nine News at 6 p.m. and A Current Affair.

18-49: Married at First Sight (424,000) beats Nine News 6:30/6pm, A Current Affair and Seven News 6pm.

25-54: Married At First Sight (490,000) brings another triple demo win, followed by Nine News 6pm/6:30pm, Seven News 6pm and A Current Affair.


Foyle’s War (133,000) on 7TWO picks up the cross-channel victory for Tuesday.


Sunrise (268,000)
Today’s show (224,000)
ABC breakfast (199,000 (123,000 ABC; 76,000 ABC News))


No change from previous week’s primetime lineup after Total TV figures were added: Married At First Sight (Nine) increased 48% to 1,782,000; SAS Australia (Seven) increased 41% to 888,000; and The Dog House Australia (10) rose 7% to 393,000.

The top BVODs were Married At First Sight (415,000), Home and Away (147,000) and SAS Australia (120,000).

Here are the five shows that made the most money from their overnight numbers:

Program Network Total TV % elevator
The rookie ep2 Seven 398,000 58
The rookie ep1 Seven 478,000 49
Married at first sight New 1,782,000 48
SAS Australia Seven 888,000 41
NCIS ten 336,000 27

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