The NJ Pandemic Relief Fund has raised $ 83 million and continues

With the upsurge in COVID infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund continues to help those hardest hit by the effects of the virus.

As of March 2020, more than $ 83 million has been raised for groups, foundations and organizations that provide support and assistance to Garden State residents who are most vulnerable, according to First Lady Tammy Murphy, founding president of the fund.

Who made a donation?

Murphy said some of the 62,000 donors were large New Jersey businesses and corporations, but most are individuals, including a child who raised $ 50 through lemonade stand sales and retired rescue workers who did. donations.

“I mean the stories were the most heartwarming ever,” Murphy said.

Contributions to the fund have come from every county in New Jersey, nearly every state in the country and 12 different countries, according to Murphy.

Where is the money going?

Murphy said that when the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund was established over 20 months ago, “the first installment of money that we gave out went a long way towards improving food security in our state.”

A total of 134 pantries and shelters statewide have been assisted.

“We have also funded telehealth and telemedicine, especially for vulnerable populations,” Murphy said.

She said the financial assistance was also intended to provide educational materials and tutoring, childcare, mental health support and PPE. Other sources of funding include small businesses, church groups offering vaccines, and helping those caught up in a housing crisis.

“Some of the people who were evicted or tenants, to make sure they were okay, as well as some of the landlords,” she said.

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And after?

And while the peak of the pandemic appears to be behind us, the fund is still operational.

“We are still operating. We always give 100% of funds back to the State of New Jersey in a thoughtful way, ”said Murphy.

Originally, the fund was to be dissolved at the end of last year.

For those who want to help, Murphy said they continue to accept donations.

“If people think this is something they would like to do, then be my guest. Please lean forward. If the pandemic continues, we also continue,” Murphy said.

For those who wish to donate, they can do so by visiting the Pandemic Relief Fund website.

“While we recognize the changes to come, we know that together we can continue to help our most vulnerable neighbors get back on their feet,” said Murphy.

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