The dachshund derby returns to the Oktoberfestival

DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) – Sunday marked the final day of the Duluth Oktoberfestival and the return of fan-favorite event, the Dachshund Derby.

For many Northlanders, a day at Duluth Oktoberfestival is one big party.

But Sunday was race day for some furry and four-legged participants.

“We registered 32 dachshunds for the Dachshund Derby this year,” said Ryan Kern, president of Kern and Kompany.

Kern is an event organizer for the Dachshund Derby, a short-distance, multi-lap dog race at the Oktoberfestival celebrating the Dachshund breed’s close connection to Germany.

“These little weiner dogs, these dachshunds, they go pretty fast and they can cover this pretty fast 40-yard time,” Kern said.

Speed, athleticism and focus seemed to vary across this year’s field of competitors.

Although the winner was crowned at the finish line, some competitors chose to take a different route instead of finishing the race at the start line.

“We did a bit of practice running. But yeah, he has a pea-sized attention span,” Ashlee Beck said.

Beck and his dog Arlee chose to focus on style over speed.

“They said costumes were welcome, we had to dress the role,” Beck said.

This year’s winner, Poppy, belongs to Duluth City Councilwoman Terese Tomanek.

“It really is the highlight of our week,” Tomanek said.

Tomanek said he met Poppy during the election campaign.

“We were lucky enough to meet Poppy when I was on the doorstep last November for my campaign, and we ended up adopting her,” Tomanek said.

According to Tomanek, she used a unique training process to prepare Poppy for the big race.

“The training process was a lot of bacon this morning,” Tomanek said.

According to organizers, many of the Sunday festivities at the Oktoberfestival were part of Essentia Health Family Day.

Other activities included a bouncy house and a petting zoo.

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