Tennessee turkey season to open this weekend | local sports

Tennessee’s 2022 spring turkey hunting season opens Saturday, April 2 in most areas of the state.

In an effort to help the turkey population in specific areas, the season begins April 16 in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Unit consisting of

Dyer, Lake, Lauderdale, Shelby and Tipton counties; and in Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln, and Wayne counties in Middle Tennessee. The hunt for young sportsmen takes place on April 9 and 10 in these counties.

The season ends May 15 in all areas of the state.

This will be the third spring season for the turkey to “Tag Before You Drag,” where hunters tag their big game in the field before moving on.

Hunters can use the TWRA on the Go app to tag and report their harvest in the field in one easy step, with or without cellphone service, before heading out.

Hunters who do not have a phone can attach one of the temporary transport tags printed on the bottom of their hunting license.

They have until midnight on harvest day (or before leaving the state) to register their harvest at GoOutdoorsTennessee.com or at one of the many manned checkpoints.

Temporary transportation tags can also be obtained by logging on to GoOutdoorsTennessee.com.

One bearded turkey is allowed per day, not to exceed the spring season limit of three bearded turkeys (two birds in the MAV unit).

A hunting and fishing combination (Type 001), plus an additional big game license, or a sports license is required.

To purchase a license online, go to https://www.gooutdoorstennessee.com/.

More information about the 2022 spring turkey season can be found in the Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide 2021-’22, available at www.tnwildlife.org and from TWRA offices and licensing agents.

Hunting hours are 30 minutes before legal sunrise until legal sunset; times can be found in the TWRA On the Go app.

Legal hunting equipment includes shotguns using ammunition loaded with #4 lead or smaller, longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows.

Firearms and archery equipment may have sighting devices, except for devices using artificial light capable of locating wildlife.

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