State troopers rescue a Golden Retriever from a culvert in Conklin

A couple of New York State Troopers managed to pull a dog out of a culvert pipe in the town of Conklin.

Authorities say Privates Jimmy Rasaphone and Ana Reynas were dispatched to verify a report of a dog getting stuck in a pipe.

Rasaphone learned that a 13.5-year-old golden retriever named Lilah had been missing for several days and had been located in an underground location.

According to a state police social media post, the trooper attached a rope to the dog’s leash and entered the dark pipe. He found Lilah after crawling about 15 feet.

Rasaphone put a collar on the dog and with the help of the owner, the soldiers dragged her to safety.

The state police station did not provide information on Lilah’s condition.

This was the second reported rescue involving a golden retriever in Broome County in less than two weeks.

On June 16, a thirteen-year-old pet named Dalilah couldn’t get out of a fast-moving creek just west of Johnson City.

Firefighters using ropes and other equipment were able to reach her and reunite her with her owner.

ICYMI: Emergency teams came to the aid of Dalilah earlier this month.

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