Sony Releases Spider-Man Villain Chameleon For Kraven The Hunter Movie

Sony cast The White Lotus Fred Hechinger as the classic Spider-Man villain, the Chameleon, in JC Chandor’s solo film Kraven the Hunter.

Sony threw The White Lotus actor Fred Hechinger as the classic Spider-Man villain, the Chameleon, in JC Chandor’s Kraven the hunter solo movie. Old MCU and Kick ass Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been cast as the titular Spider-Man villain in May 2021. The film will be set in Sony’s Spider-Man universe alongside the Venom series and Morbius.

Set in Sony’s Spider-Man universe, Kraven the Hunter will bring one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes to the big screen for the first time. Debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 In August 1964, famed big game hunter Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff set his sights on the web-slinging hero to prove he was the world’s greatest hunter. A founding member of the Sinister Six, Kraven is credited with defeating and burying the hero in the famous Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline in 1987, where he briefly impersonated the hero before meeting his end. With Taylor-Johnson as Kraven, there had been rumors that another villain, the Chameleon, would appear in the film, but now the character’s involvement has been confirmed, along with who will play him.


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Deadline reports that Hechinger has joined and will star alongside Taylor-Johnson in Sony Picture’s next entry in their Spider-Man-inspired cinematic universe. Although Hechinger’s role has not been confirmed, various sources have reported that The White Lotus would play the chameleon in the film produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. While the movie will most likely have the chameleon in a key role, Kraven the hunter won’t be the character’s first film, as the character made a brief appearance in the MCU in Spider-Man: Far From Home performed by Numan Acar.

While his previous theatrical appearance was only a brief appearance, the Chameleon is one of Spider-Man’s oldest enemies, making his debut in the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in March 1963 as Master of Disguise. His true identity is Dmitri Smerdyakov, Kraven’s half-brother in the comics, with his defeat at the hands of Spider-Man inspiring the big game hunter to target the hero. Although more commonly associated with Spider-Man, Chameleon has battled other notable heroes from the Marvel Universe, such as Daredevil, Hank Pym, and most recently disguising himself as Tony Stark while working with Doctor Octopus during the reign of the devils scenario.

While Hechinger will join Taylor-Johnson and Russell Crowe for Kraven the hunter, there are still a lot of questions surrounding Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man solo villain project. While movies like Venom and Morbius chose to adapt the characters without Spider-Man’s involvement, Kraven may find it harder to omit the hero, as he is Kraven’s biggest target. With Spider-Man: No Coming Home teasing the villain through his multiversal storyline and renewed interest in Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men, fans are hoping one of these actors could become the version of the hero at the center of the Spider-verse universe. Man from Sony. For now, Hechinger’s casting implies that Kraven the hunter will retain the villain’s comic family tree.

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Source: Deadline

  • Kraven the Hunter (2023)Release date: January 13, 2023
  • Morbius (2022)Release date: April 01, 2022

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