Shane Beamer fixes his son’s recording asking for Clemson gear

Keith farner | 3 hours ago

Shane Beamer laughed when the issue was raised at his press conference on Tuesday. After Clemson coach Dabo Swinney told a story about Beamer’s son Hunter asking for Clemson gear years ago, the issue is particularly significant this week as the teams will play at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday. evening.

When asked if Hunter still had the Clemson gear, Beamer replied, “He better not.”

Beamer later explained that Hunter preferred Clemson years ago because he believed Alabama beat Oklahoma when Beamer was on the Sooners staff, and Hunter loved Trevor Lawrence.

“He loves winners, so obviously when Clemson has been ranked No.1 for many years, he’s hitting the bandwagon,” Beamer said. “He loved watching Clemson, I don’t want to go so far as to call him a Clemson fan.”

Before Beamer landed the South Carolina job, he uploaded a video of a big game Hunter had for his flag football team, and he shared a video of the game with Swinney after Hunter said he wanted to. playing for Clemson’s coach.

Beamer said he and Swinney had spoken several times over the past year, starting with the first mention of Beamer’s name for the South Carolina job, and Swinney said he was hopeful Beamer would get the job. And most recently, they spoke during the commercial break for Swinney’s radio show when Beamer didn’t realize the show was on Monday.

“Through this process Dabo has been great with me. I think about him a lot, ”said Beamer.

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