Seth Feroce responds to fans after suffering backlash for Bear Hunt

Seth Feroce responds to the backlash of the bear hunt.

Outspoken Bodybuilder Seth Fierce responds to the backlash he received after posting about his recent bear hunt. The veteran bodybuilder and rugged outdoorsman has addressed followers who have spoken out against his recent hunt.

Not everyone will agree with people’s food consumption methods. We’ve all seen different movements emerge over the past few years dictating the best ways and approaches to eating. Some have denounced the consumption of meat as well as hunting. This brings us to Seth Feroce.

It seems brash and outspoken bodybuilder Seth Feroce has come under fire from his own fans. The controversial bodybuilder. He recently posted a picture of himself on social media after chasing a bear much to the chagrin of many of his followers. In the photo, you can see Feroce holding the bear’s paw in triumph. This display apparently irritated a lot of people and now, for Feroce, it’s getting the backlash.

But Seth Feroce is not one to take matters into his own hands. Although he can deal with the backlash, Feroce does not back down. In fact, the bodybuilder doubled down, posting another set of photos highlighting the recent hunt. Feroce went on to explain that he hunted the animal, not for sport, but to use it as food. As such, Feroce has made it a point to call out those in his audience who eat meat upset by this display. The bodybuilder basically called them hypocrites for criticizing his fighter when they’re doing the exact same thing without the dirty work involved.

fierce responds

My first big game.
Black Bear in Idaho

It was a bucket list item for me.
Something I had dreamed of doing for years.

To hunt, kill, skin, divide, wrap and eat!

I’ve always loved watching nature shows, hunting shows, and recently in the last year, hunting shows are all I’ve watched.
And I wanted to make hunting and gathering a part of my life.

I wanted the feelings of it all.
Kill an animal. Strip it. Cut the meat from the body. I wrap it on my back. Eating meat at camp with my friends. And talk about experience, feelings and emotions and the beauty of nature.
Then take that meat home to feed my family.
The meat that I killed, that I cut up, that I harvested and carried away from the mountains.

So my friend @beyond_the_backcountry showed me his part of the West!
And make it happen!

And He did.
I killed a BIG black bear. I skinned him. He tore him apart. I packed it up a mountain and ate it at camp with my friends.
And I’ll bring home the meat for my family.

I’m proud of it !
And I know some may not like that.
And it’s good.
Maybe some just need a little education and a bit of perspective.
So here’s a little piece.

Black bears are not endangered, they are heavily hunted in the west.
They must be managed. Population control is important for all other game animals, moose, deer, etc.
Black bears and other predators will kill the population of elk, deer and other animals. In fact, male bears will kill female cubs just so they can mate with them. Savage!
Nature is intense.

So hunters help control that, by hunting them, so that we can hunt and harvest those other animals.

Also, the bears are delicious! You can eat them.
The back strap on the mountain was awesome.
I’m going to make bear sausages and bear burger with the rest of my meat.
The fat will be melted for cooking. Bear tallow!
This is the pinnacle of quality.

I loved everything about it!

It’s what we humans have been doing forever and it will continue to be a big part of my life.

It’s clear that Seth Feroce is passionate about hunting and wouldn’t lightly hunt any animal that crosses his path. While there may be people who object to hunting animals for food, if you eat meat yourself, that’s a bit debatable. Feroce plans to use all parts of the bear and not waste it. This shows that he at least respects the animal enough to use it appropriately.

What do you think of Seth Feroce and his recent bear hunt?

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