Saskatoon is considering off-leash areas just for small dogs

Small dogs and big dogs are different – and that’s why the city needs dedicated off-leash parks for the most punished dogs, according to a city government report.

Thursday’s planning and development committee meeting report recommends that both Hyde Dog Park and Charlottetown Park have designated areas for small dogs.

The city has received several requests over the years for such spaces due to concerns about animal and owner safety, the report said.

“While the city’s current dog parks provide a great place for pets to exercise and burn off excess energy, it’s important to understand that large and small dogs are different, both in size and inherent behavioral traits,” the report said.

“Even without intent, a large dog could injure a small dog through exercise and physical play. Establishing designated areas, or separation in existing dog parks, for small dogs could help prevent unnecessary conflicts and improve park safety for owners and their pets.”

A small doggo would be defined as weighing 20 pounds or less and no taller than 16 inches from the shoulder.

The additions are estimated at $95,000 for construction and $5,700 for operation and maintenance each year.

If the committee and then city council approve the work, the administration will proceed with a tender and construction, the report said.

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