Russell Wilson: “I hope it’s not my last game” in Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks have had a tough season and are ranked 5-10 heading into Sunday’s home final against the Detroit Lions and Game of Week 18 against the Arizona Cardinals. As the Seahawks face a potential offseason rebuild, All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner spoke to reporters on Wednesday about his uncertain future, according to ESPN’s Brady Henderson.

Wagner isn’t the only current Seattle player to have a new home of football before summer arrives.

Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson has been the subject of all kinds of trade rumors this winter and last spring, and more recently has been linked in reports to a possible transfer to the New York Giants. , the Denver Broncos or the New Orleans Saints. Wilson suggested Thursday that he wanted to stay with the Seahawks, but made it clear he would play in the NFL next fall, regardless of who signs his checks at that time.

“I know for myself personally, I hope this isn’t my last game,” Wilson said of playing in Seattle, according to Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper. “But at the same time, I know it won’t be my last game in the NFL. I’m just focused on today and I’m improving today. That’s my goal. I love this city and I ‘love this moment. I love these guys, and we have to make sure we get better today. That’s all that matters. ”

The Giants, Broncos, Saints and possibly the Cleveland Browns are among the clubs that could go on a big game hunt for the sport’s most important position as early as next month, though a trade cannot be finalized ahead of the opening of the NFL New Year in March. Unless Wilson publicly silences all trade talks, talks about his future will only intensify after facing the Cardinals on January 9.

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