RSPCA Sheffield: Meet the ‘lovely’ dog up for adoption no one wants

The four-year-old is described as ‘special’ and ‘lovely’ in her RSPCA online profile for those looking to adopt a dog.

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In an appeal to potential adopters, the RSPCA said: “Please give our lovely Frankie a chance.”

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Frankie has been in the RSPCA kennels in Sheffield for several months but no one has yet asked to see her

Frankie’s profile reads: “Meet our adorable German Shepherd, Frankie.

“She is about four years old and came to the branch to find a new home.

“She needs someone who understands her race, preferably someone who has had shepherds before, and a home where she won’t stay long.

“She would love to be the only dog ​​in the family and where she will be taken to dog school where we are sure she will soon become the star pupil.”

Frankie is looking for her forever home

He says she’s suitable for a family with older children – high school age or older – or for an adults-only home.

The RSPCA said: “Frankie has been working at our branch for several months now with no one asking to meet her.

“She finds kennel life quite trying now and longs for a loving family to take her to explore the countryside or even the seaside.

Frankie has been in RSPCA kennels in Sheffield for several months

“We hope that special person or family will fall in love with her and overlook her very pale, almost white eye, which she can see through just as well as her brown.” visit the RSPCA website here.

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