Quincy Humane Society Set to Hold Pet Adoption Week

QUINCY (WGEM) – The Bissell Pet Foundation is partnering with the Quincy Humane Society for a discounted adoption event.

“It raises awareness for our organization and the animals that are looking for homes, but the most important thing and the most important factor in being apart and partnering with the Bissel Pet Foundation is that we help our animals to find that perfect home to spend the rest of their lives in,” said Quincy Humane Society executive director Pilar Brumbaugh.

Bissell Pet Foundation helps offset the costs of adoption fees.

Currently, the shelter houses 100 animals and is operating at full capacity.

Brumbaugh hopes this event will help lighten their kennels.

“It helps raise awareness, but it helps these animals find homes,” Brumbaugh said. “We have animals that have been here a while, great animals, looking for the perfect fit, so it’s time to adopt.”

From Saturday October 1st to Saturday October 8th, they will benefit from reduced adoption fees, including:

  • Adult cats: $5
  • Kittens: $15
  • Adult dogs: $10
  • Puppies: $20

You can complete a pet adoption application at the Quincy Humane Society or on their website.

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