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The way to get along with a cat is to treat it as an equal – or better yet, as the superior it knows itself to be.
– Elizabeth Peters, American novelist

  • Adorable, KCAC’s Adoptable Pet of the Week is written by Tecla Metzel of Kane County Animal Control.

“In the name of Betty White and all things safe, warm and loving to all pets around the world, I nickname you Mr. Olivier, 4 year old orange and white Royal Shorthair, cat of the ages!”

Mr. Olivier

“Go from wandering the streets of fear to the womb with a view of Kane County Animal Control‘s shelter in a new furry home. The gods of all strays have ensured that you are watched and discovered by a kind citizen who took it upon himself to find you a safe haven.Because of this mysterious intervention, the villagers believe that you hold superpowers bestowed by the gods.

“Your low-key personality draws people to you, making it much easier for you to cuddle up and get the love you so deserve.

“As you find your people, you may recognize other cats in the house. My fervent wish is that you tolerate them with subtle contempt and find your own niche among the people.

“If the need arises, you can become the catalyst for every human to extend love and care to all animals in the storm and, thus, restore order to the universe.

“You are the hope of the future, Sir Oliver! Go ahead and use your special powers to cuddle and explore your new surroundings.

“These decrees are held by the mighty gods of Shelter and will henceforth be the law of the land.

Call ahead for an appointment!

Due to the current COVID-19 virus situation, KCAC asks all potential adopters to call ahead and make an appointment to visit one of KCAC’s adoptable animals.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we want to continue to remain vigilant to keep our employees and county animals as healthy as possible.

How to adopt

All Kane County Animal Control adoptable cats and dogs are neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines, including rabies. They are tested for feline leukemia/FIV and heartworm.

Adoption fees are $200 for dogs and $100 for cats. Adopting two dogs is $300 and adopting two cats is $150.

For more information on adoptable animals from Kane County Animal Control and to apply for adoption, please visit www.kanecountypets.org.

About Kane County Animal Control

It is the duty of Animal Control Department at:

  • Make sure all domestic dogs and cats over 4 months old are vaccinated against rabies and carry a Kane County rabies tag.
  • Ensure that all reported animal bites receive preventive attention for the possibility of rabies infection.
  • Ensure that pet owners are informed of proper animal bite procedures and enforce these procedures.
  • Contain loose or stray dogs in unincorporated Kane County and contracted cities and towns.
  • Investigate nuisance dog complaints in unincorporated Kane County and in contracted cities and towns.

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