Pet Care: Tips for Caring for Large Dog Breeds

Ownership of a large or giant breed dog differs significantly from that of a small dog. If you’re not a careful parent, they can be a nice addition to your home or a source of chaos. Large dogs are particularly affectionate and cuddly. But due to their size, they also have certain requirements. Large and huge breeds, like German Shepherds and Great Danes, have different nutritional needs, exercise requirements, and developmental priorities than smaller breeds. Giant dog breeds are those that can reach a healthy weight above 100 pounds on average. They require special care and attention from when they are puppies until they are adults. (Also read: Is your pet getting old? Here are ways to care for your senior pet )

Dr. Lior Kamara, veterinarian and founder of Koikivet, shared some important care tips for a large breed of dog in her Instagram post.

  • Choose quality and balanced foods specifically adapted to large breeds. They have specific nutritional needs that you should keep in mind when buying food for them.
  • Watch their weight. Avoid gaining too much weight, as excess weight makes the joints and pelvis harder, which are already more sensitive in larger breeds.⁠
  • It is recommended to consider prophylactic gastropexy during sterilization, to prevent gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV).⁠
  • Making sure they are exposed to noise, children and play with other dogs is very important. A big dog that isn’t used to playing properly can do a lot of damage. Try to keep them in a lively environment.
  • Insist on good walking while walking and teach them to walk alongside you and not to pull. A big dog that pulls on a leash can take you for walks, not the other way around.
  • Choose the right size toys. You should avoid small balls and toys that could easily be swallowed.
  • Be sure to follow preventative treatments throughout the year. Treating the problem afterwards will be much more expensive than prevention. This is because the medications are given based on the animal‘s weight.
  • Large dogs may suffer more from the heat, so on hot days take extra care.⁠
  • Make sure they have plenty of play time and exercise. Long walks and playtime are important for releasing energy and staying in shape.⁠

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