Owner warning after pup choked to death in her arms while playing fetch

A dog owner has been devastated after his beloved pup choked to death in his arms while playing fetch with a solid rubber ball.

Owner Louise Jackson says the death of her cane corso Donnie has transformed her into a “totally different person” with PTSD.

The mother-of-one took Donnie for a walk last April and threw him a bouncy ball to catch.

But she says tragedy struck when the mischievous pooch grabbed SportsPet’s high-bounce rubber ball and it slid down his throat, getting stuck and he began to choke.

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Poor Donnie died in Louise’s arms


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Donnie began kicking her in the throat in a desperate attempt to dislodge the £3 ball, which she claims was bought from Pets At Home, as she ran to help.

The hairdresser put her hand down her throat to try and get it off, but claims the rubber was too hard to squeeze and she couldn’t get a firm grip because of the saliva.

Horrified, the 37-year-old screamed for help and a good Samaritan rushed in and performed the Heimlich maneuver and also tried to win the ball back to no avail.

The man lifted the 24kg Donnie upside down, while Louise desperately punched his back and pushed him into his stomach, but tragically nothing worked to move him.

Five minutes after swallowing the balloon and attempts to revive him with CPR failed, Donnie tragically passed away – and the ordeal left the mother so traumatized she still relives the incident every night while going to bed.

She is speaking out now to urge pet owners to buy holey balls so if they are accidentally swallowed she believes there is a chance the dog could breathe and survive.

He died within five minutes of swallowing the balloon


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Louise, from Bexley, Kent, said: “Donnie grabbed the ball on the rebound as it came back from the floor. It was dead within five minutes in my arms, it was like absolute life.

“I see it every night when I close my eyes to go to bed.

“It was absolutely awful. Honestly, I feel like I have PTSD because of what happened.

“I’m a totally different person now than I was a year ago.”

Louise was walking Donnie and his two rescue dogs – Jack Russell, Lady, 12, and Jack Russell-Pug cros, s Jack, 6 – in Danson Park, Bexley on April 28 last year.

Louise said: “I threw the ball for Donnie. It bounced off the floor, it was such hard rubber it bounced really far and when he caught it it got stuck.

“Immediately I knew it was stuck because he was tapping his mouth. I ran up to him and put my hand down his throat.

“I was screaming ‘somebody help me’ and this man came running. Donnie, even though he was six months old, weighed 24 kilos so I couldn’t lift him.

“I was a 20 minute walk from the car, I wouldn’t have been able to carry him to the car and get him to the vet in time.

“But this man came and did the Heimlich maneuver on him.

“I was hitting her back and pushing into her stomach even though my hand was in there, we had it upside down and it still wouldn’t come out.

“I feel like if it was a tennis ball I might have had a better grip and might have been able to get it out, but it’s the texture of that ball that makes it worse. made it impossible.

“The man who helped broke his hand. My hands were cut into pieces where Donnie was biting but I felt no pain in my hands.

“I was so caught up in the moment and I was so desperate trying to get that ball out.

“I was just begging this man ‘please I can’t lose him’. He adored me and I loved him so much.

“I love all my dogs but there was something about Donnie, we built such a bond. He was so happy to be with us, he was just an angel.

“It was horrible because when he died and his body relaxed, the ball went out, so we did CPR.

SportsPet and Pets At Home have been contacted for comment


Kennedy News and Media)

Louise issued a warning to other dog owners


Kennedy News and Media)

“The man was pumping his chest and I was keeping his mouth shut and blowing into his nose. We did that for about ten minutes and the guy said ‘he’s gone’.

“I knew he was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it.

“It was awful, I’ve never felt so out of control and so helpless, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever witnessed.

“Losing him like that is so unfair.”

Kind bystanders attended to Louise’s other two dogs as the tragedy unfolded, and then the man who tried to help dislodge the ball led Donnie back to the car.

Louise said: “The man took Donnie back to the car because I couldn’t lift him and a lady drove me to the vet.

“I then had to go to the hospital to have my hand treated.

“It was awful. I had just lost my dog ​​and had to go to the hospital on my own, it was just awful.”

A year later, Louise is sharing her story in the hope that she can save another dog’s life and prevent an owner from going through the same ordeal.

Louise said: “If the ball had any holes, it would be here.

“I’ve always had dogs all my life, throwing a ball is just something you do.

“Until something like this happens, you don’t think about the dangers.

“I’ll never get over it, but I just hope it brings as much awareness as possible because I don’t want him to die in vain.”

She shared a Facebook post on Tuesday to highlight what happened.

The post read: “It’s been almost a year to the day since my sweet, sweet boy passed away on our walk.

“I’m rewriting this post to raise as much awareness as possible so the same thing doesn’t happen to another dog.

“My Donnie choked on a sports ball while we were walking around and he died in my arms after trying absolutely everything in our power to pull him out.

“PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use balls that have holes in them, like the balls on the right. I wish I had some.

“Also make sure the ball you use is physically too big to get stuck.

“The ball we were playing with was the size of a tennis ball and I thought it would never get stuck.

“But the fact that it was solid, hard rubber meant that I couldn’t squeeze the ball out of Donnie’s trachea.

“We were too far from the car to take him to the vet, we tried the Heimlich maneuver and we tried CPR.

SportsPet and Pets At Home have been contacted for comment.

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