Oldest resident at Old Drum Animal Shelter

Leya, our cover girl for this article, according to a Facebook post from Old Drum Animal Shelter, is one of the nicest, well-behaved dogs in the shelter they care for. She is also the oldest resident of the shelter and desperate to return home forever with a loving owner.

Leya started her stay at Old Drum Animal Shelter 150 days ago. By my calculations, that means she arrived at the shelter in May. With hopes and dreams that she would spend the summer exploring Warrensburg wagging her tail with her new family. Descending Maguire, head out of the window, tongue in the breeze.

If only the wish would. She spent her time at Old Drum in a noisy dog ​​room. Watch a lot of dogs come and go before her. Some maybe even with whom she befriended. The last two months have been the hardest. No one came to meet her and no one filled out an application for her.

Here is the scoop on Leya, she is nice to dogs and gentle by nature. Her medical needs are covered by donors and can be tested on a cat to see if she would be okay in a forever home with a cat. She would love nothing more than a visitor, or better yet, a forever home to live in.

Now meet Pete …

Old Drum Animal Shelter via Petfinder.

Pete has been a resident of the Old Drum Animal Shelter for about six weeks, and he really needs a foster family according to one Facebook post. The shelter says he struggled to adjust to life there, and it stresses him out. Pete doesn’t like his kennel and prefers spending time with the office staff.

The shelter says he accepts dogs, stays on his own, and is still a good boy in the lobby. The shelter fears that each day it is there it is approaching closure and the loss of interested adopters. A foster family would cheer Pete up and give him more time to find his perfect fit. So if you can help man’s best friend Pete would be grateful.

If you would like to help Old Drum Animal Shelter by adopting a dog, you can find out more and complete an online application. here. If you are interested in adopting Leya, you can start the adoption process by completing the Old Drum Animal Shelter Adoption Application. here. And you can check out Leya and Pete’s fellow residents here.

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