OC Animal Services obtains custody of 30 dogs and 1 cat following major confiscation case

One of the dogs rescued by Orange County Animal Services

From Orange County Animal Services

Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) is currently caring for nearly 350 pets, bringing the shelter near capacity. Some of those pets come from a recent confiscation case where 30 dogs and a cat were seized from an Orlando home over concerns about the animals’ living conditions.

On April 16, 2021, OCAS received a call for help from the police and responded to a house in the Parramore area. The shelter’s law enforcement team had previously made visits to the home, in an effort to reach a resolution with the animal‘s owner, but those efforts were unsuccessful. The house was in poor condition and the situation worsened as the number of dogs increased due to the unintentional breeding and abandonment of unwanted dogs on the property.

An intervention took place when officials at the shelter felt that the living conditions were not safe for the animals. The 30 dogs and the single cat were seized and placed in the temporary care of the shelter. On May 25, a hearing was held before a judge and OCAS was granted custody of the animals. Homeowners have been offered an appeal window in which they can challenge the decision. During this period, the refuge retains temporary custody. On June 25, the case was closed and the shelter was able to move forward in the search for an adoption placement for the pets.

“It’s been a long journey up to this point,” said Diane Summers, director of Orange County Animal Services. “When these animals first arrived, we were overwhelmed, not only by the quantity, but also because a few had significant medical needs. We are eternally grateful to Ziggy’s Legacy Rescue in Brooksville and the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando for their support and partnership with us on this matter.


One of the confiscated dogs, Prince, had a deep shoulder injury, likely the result of a fight with the other dogs in the backyard. Due to the severity of the injury, he needed treatment beyond what the shelter could provide. Ziggy’s Legacy Rescue picked him up and looked after him, under the close supervision of their vet, throughout the case. He has made a full recovery and is now available for adoption through their organization.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando helped house and care for 10 of the confiscated dogs, taking them from April 21. These 10 dogs are now available for adoption through their organization.

“Looking at the photos of the living conditions of these pets, it will be easy for some to vilify the owner,” Summers said. “We want to warn people to understand that this was a situation with someone who was overwhelmed and living beyond their means. We found the conditions unacceptable and took action. This was preventable and we want to encourage residents to contact us when they have animal concerns and to feel comfortable asking for help when needed.

Several of the dogs have already been adopted by Orange County Animal Services. A small part remains with a host family. Currently six of the dogs and the single cat are available: Dalilah, Donovan, Dolores, Daniela, Davey, Dalia and Dakota.

The shelter encourages anyone interested in providing a home for these animals, or one of the shelter’s pets, to visit the shelter in person. More information on the adoption process can be found on the shelter’s website here.

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