Nyala Antelope Battles Wild Dogs, Hippos & Crocodiles In Big African Showdown

This nyala bull got into the fight of his life as he took on three dangerous predators in an intense showdown. A pack of wild dogs had chased the male into the water, but he got into even more trouble when he encountered the resident hippo and crocodile. Field guide Wayne Myburgh witnessed the whole scene while staying at the Royal Malewane, the luxurious safari lodge in Kruger Park in South Africa, and shared how the story unfolded with the idea that was uploaded to YouTube by Latest Sightings.

“It was a usual morning drive and we heard that the wild dogs had just hunted a nyala bull in the Quelea dam. Knowing of the presence of a crocodile and about 12 hippos living there, we knew this could get interesting and we went there” he said. “Obviously, on the way, my adrenaline was rising, because I knew the potential of all the results that this observation could have.”

There’s clearly a lot going on here. The nyala was caught in a bind like no other. After he retreated into the water, he was still unclear. As if wild dogs weren’t enough, a hippo attack from behind posed a real threat.

The video shows the nyala successfully defending itself against the hippopotamus using its large, sharp horns, but the war wasn’t over. After winning both battles with the wild dogs and the hippopotamus, the nyala faced another deadly predator: a crocodile. Unfortunately, this is where the fight was lost. The video ends with the crocodile finally picking up the nyala.

Myburgh told Latest Sightings: “After guiding for 13 years, it was so awesome to experience something you’ve never witnessed before. – the experience of a lifetime.”

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