Mumbai: 300 dogs vaccinated in Malad thanks to aid and awareness | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Thanks to funds raised by groups like the Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast and individual donors, more than 300 dogs from the local community have been vaccinated against rabies and other health issues in the Mindspace area in Malad (west).
One of the organizers, Swapna Sankhe, said: “We started by administering the rabies and 9-in-1 vaccines, as well as deworming drugs, to the local dog population in Malad with the help of Rotary and the group. Save Our Strays. The issue of fundraising for animal welfare is always a challenge, which is why we need to contact philanthropists, NGOs etc. for this job.”
Sankhe added that many animal eaters activists also crowdfund on social media groups to raise funds as it is not an easy task to care for multiple dogs and cats each day.
“The aim of our vaccination campaign was also to raise awareness of the importance of animal welfare, as the lives of humans and animals are linked; therefore it is important to keep animals fit and healthy,” said she added.
In this regard, the Rotary Club raised funds from its members by organizing an online tambola event “for fun”.
Madhavi Desai, a Powai-based animal distributor, told TOI: “While it is good for large groups and clubs to come forward to raise awareness about animal welfare, we animal lovers mainly need to use our own money to feed and care for the animals. I have been doing this for 23 years in the Ramashram area of ​​Powai, but we also often face harassment from companies that oppose feeding animals on fragile grounds. ”
Desai added: “It’s good that more NGOs are here now to take care of animal welfare, but my company recently fined me 20,000 rupees for ‘throwing trash’. , although I maintain cleanliness while eating. I legally challenge this fine. ”
Plant and Animals Welfare Society (PAWS-Mumbai) activist Sunish Subramanian commented: “Ten years ago, it was rather difficult for small animal grooming groups to raise money for a good cause. However, now, due to the presence of social networking sites and more awareness, funds can be secured for food, vaccinations and other issues related to animal health. In addition, local municipalities like our BMC carry out dog sterilizations for free as part of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) policy.

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