Monster Hunter Rise Could Benefit From Freedom’s Treasure Quest Mechanic

At each iteration of monster hunter series, hunters have been given unique and exciting gameplay features to keep them enthralled while slaying beasts and saving villages. Monster Hunter Tri introduced players to swimming and a whole world of underwater combat. Monster Hunter 4 gave hunters an expansive aerial combat experience, allowing them to mount, ride, and knock down monsters like never before. It inspired the gameplay of Wyvern Riding in the latest installment, Monster Hunter: Rise.

However, one item perhaps better suited to the pick-up-and-play style of To augment which should be back in the next few days Sunburn the expansion comes from the very first time the series went portable, in 2005 portable monster hunter on the PSP. Launched in the West as Monster hunter freedomthe game introduced the unique element of treasure hunting.

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Hunter talks to Treshi for the first time in MH Freedom Unite.

Although Treasure Hunter quests originated in Freedomit’s inside Unite they shine the brightest. Upon entering the Online Gathering Hall in one of these games, Hunters can interact with an elderly Wyverian wearing a yellow cap and an oversized backpack by the name of Treshi. Hunters will be informed about treasure quests when first interacting with him.

Treshi will tell hunters that they cannot bring personal items on these quests. Instead, they can only take items from the Supply Box at Base Camp. These will be the basic items needed to excel at treasure hunting, but they are given in limited supply to players. Replacement gear for items like pickaxes and bug nets can be gathered in the field, as can items to boost health and stamina, as well as survive in hot or cold climates.

These quests take place in the same locations that players know from standard gameplay, but contain rare items that can only be found during these quests. Almost all items a player can pick up in the field have been replaced with treasures that hunters can collect and give to Treshi throughout the quest. It will reward players with points based on the rarity of items. Upon completion, a total score is given for that card, prompting players to replay and beat their previous best.

An empty Monster Hunter Freedom Unite guild card treasure page

Much like monster hunting, scores can net silver and gold crowns. To achieve the highest scores, players must seek out the most valuable treasures each map offers. Some require skill, patience, and planning, and others, luck, and exploration into the distance. Like any monster hunter game, killing monsters will also yield big rewards. If hunters manage to find the most sublime items, their guild card will forever be adorned with the trophy for all to see.

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There are five high-level treasures for each location, totaling 25 in Freedom five localities, 30 for Freedom 2′s six and 35 for Unitethat’s seven. Hunters can find two of these five special treasures by scavenging at certain collection points for plants, mushrooms, insects, bones, or ore. Another treasure can only be accessed by combining two specific items put together to create a single unique treasure that cannot be found otherwise. The penultimate treasure looks like an egg and must be transported from its collection point to Treshi.

The final object can only be carved into the large monster that inhabits the location and looks like a jewel on that creature. Like the previous item, this jewel must be brought to Treshi. This exposes the player to various dangers. Monster attacks, long falls, and lack of stamina will all cause the item to fall and be lost forever. Of course, it is not necessary to try to collect these five super rare treasures during the same quest. Each item is considered complete when delivered to Treshi for the first time. However, if a hunter aims for the highest score, these five treasures will give the most points.

Hunter talks to Treshi in MH Generations

First Freedom title, these quests required two players to begin. Freedom 2 and Unite changed that, allowing players to go on these quests on their own if they wanted to. With Rise’s incredibly easy-to-join multiplayer experience, players would have no trouble finding a partner if the feature was added to Sunburn. Additionally, these quests only last 20 minutes, much less than a 50-minute full-scale hunt, and can also be completed at any time. Players could easily complete a quest during their morning commute or during a lunch break, with free time.

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To augment already has a ton of replay value, thanks to the constant addition of Event Quests – rampage quests to complete as well as those coveted Golden Crowns to hunt down. However, adding another game mode could bring a lot more. Switch players already know the game’s maps inside and out, and by the time the expansion releases, PC players will have mastered them too, creating the perfect foundation to change up the formula and explore each location in a different way. to find new things.

To augment could benefit from a mode where players compete for high scores other than in Arena or Rampage quests. Many players may be confused by the limited choice of weapons Arena has to offer or by the repetitive nature of Rampage. Treasure quests are different every time. Due to the random nature of treasures, they may not always be where you expect. While this can be frustrating at first, it’s a smart tactic to get players to repeat the quest to get the treasure they’re looking for. And playing with a friend just adds to the fun and competition.

Although treasure quests never return beyond Unitetheir donor Treshi can actually be spotted in the Kokoto Village hub for Monster Hunter: Generations. When spoken to, Treshi will start talking about how he searched for treasure in his youth. Could its presence in the game mean that Capcom has not forgotten its glorious past? We can only hope he roams the village of Elgado when Sunburn releases this summer.

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