Meet the RSPCA Wakefield dogs who need a new home amid the cost of living crisis

The RSPCA shelter in Wakefield is one of many shelters across the country trying to offer them new homes. Meet some of the dogs looking for families in the city. Over the past year, it has been reported that many dog ​​owners have been forced to give up their pets due to the pressures of the cost of living crisis.

Charities including the RPSCA of Wakefield say dog ​​shelters are filling up at a rapid rate, with many pets struggling with health issues which then affect their chances of being rehomed. The branch has now reached full capacity and has room for 16 dogs, prompting the public to help out.

Megan Rattray, animal care manager for the East Ardsley branch, said: “We are getting more and more animals because people just can’t afford the drugs, let alone the operations. Many dogs for adoption have medical conditions that make it difficult to find them a stable home.

In a recent survey, animal organization Dogs Trust reported that 67% of non-dog owners said the rising cost of living would keep them from adopting a dog. The survey showed that 46% of dog owners in the Yorkshire and Humber region thought it would be harder for them to give their dog everything they needed, compared to before the cost crisis hit of life.

Owen Sharp, CEO of Dogs Trust, said: “Dogs Trust has received a shocking and unprecedented number of calls from dog owners asking us to take care of their dogs as they feel they will not be able to see them through this crisis. Over the past month we have received an average of 17 transfer calls per hour from desperate owners who feel they have run out of options. »

For this reason, poor pets struggle with abandonment, even though in many cases it is beyond the owner’s control. To express your interest in adopting or promoting one of the dogs, please visit RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield website.

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