Man who illegally sold dog in apartment lost two more dogs fined $ 3,300

A barking Jack Russell terrier. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE – A man who illegally sold a Jack Russell Terrier from his home and lost two Maltese dogs he adopted was fined $ 3,300 on Wednesday (October 6th).

Steven Seah Shao Yi, a sales manager, adopted the Jack Russell Terrier for free but placed it up for adoption for $ 1,000 a few days later.

Asked by District Judge Marvin Bay why he had done it, Seah, 42, told the court he suffered from “very serious” obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and that the dog had caused him a lot of pain. anxiety because of its “destructive effect”. behviour”.

After selling the Jack Russel Terrier, Seah adopted two Maltese dogs. One of the dogs, named Uno, escaped as Seah was on his way home and he couldn’t find him.

He pleaded guilty to failing to keep Uno on a leash and under his control while near his home in Punggol on October 8 last year, and using his residence to guard the Jack Russell for sale without a license. A charge of allowing the other Maltese dog Snuggles to disappear on October 10 last year has been considered for his conviction.

The original owner of the Jack Russell offered the dog up for adoption for free on Facebook. After seeing the message, Seah arranged a visit and then adopted the Jack Russell.

The dog was handed over to Seah on June 26 of last year and his license transferred to him. He was supposed to take the Jack Russell to a vet for an appointment the next day with a friend of the original owner. But Seah didn’t show up. When contacted by the original owner, Seah said he was not feeling well.

On June 28 of last year, the wife of the original owner discovered that Seah had placed the Jack Russell up for adoption on Facebook for $ 1,000. Seah said the Jack Russell barked at his mother non-stop and scratched her sofa.

The original owner then proceeded to Seah’s residence to request the return of the dog. Seah, however, said he could do whatever he wanted with the dog. The original owner then filed a report with the Animal and Veterinary Service. Someone else adopted the dog for $ 1,000.

According to National Parks Board (NParks) Attorney Wendy Tan, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) standard adoption rate was between $ 25 and $ 350, and Seah had “grossly inflated” the sum, which he disguised as adoption costs. .

Lost two Maltese dogs in a few days

On October 6, Seah came across a placement notice from someone on the SPCA board of directors offering two Maltese dogs for free. The original owner said the dogs didn’t get along with his cat.

Seah adopted the dogs on October 8 and received two dog leads. Seah booked GrabPet transport to take them home, but Uno got free. Seah managed to retrieve Uno and put him in the car. He claimed he kept the dog on a leash while in the car.

Uno rushed when the man arrived in Punggol because he was not on a leash. The dog was later found by a delivery man, who contacted a friend to help them search for its owner. Uno was taken to a nearby veterinary clinic where his microchip number was retrieved.

When Uno’s photos were posted online, Seah asked to claim ownership. Even though he made arrangements to get Uno back, he later refused to pick up the dog, which was later placed for adoption again.

The accused wanted to keep a dog despite the OCD

Asked to tone down, Seah told the court Uno’s collar broke before he got into the GrabPet car and he was unable to keep Uno on a leash.

Seah stated that he carried a “big bag of paraphernalia” with one hand and clung to Snuggle’s leash with the other, and as such he couldn’t handle Uno. He claimed to have tried to locate Uno for over an hour.

On the Jack Russell he said, “I wasn’t told he had a biting habit or destructive behavior. It scratched my sofa and damaged my cell phone and my wallet… The charges I charged were to cover losses. The damage caused Seah anxiety due to his OCD.

Asked by DJ Bay about the severity of his OCD, Seah said he spends hours a day ruminating and checking things out. Despite his condition, Seah kept a dog for company.

When DJ Bay raised the possibility of a dog losing fur, Seah said he was willing to go the extra mile in caring for a dog.

When asked how he ended up with three dogs, Seah said: “After (the Jack Russell was) handed over to the next owner, I thought the Maltese could be tame and less aggressive. This is the reason why I adopted them. Because they were in a relationship, I didn’t want to separate them.

DJ Bay then pointed out that a Maltese has more fur because he is a long-haired dog. Seah replied that since such a dog is smaller, it might cope with its lost fur.

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