Leeds flats invaded by huge howling rats the size of ‘little dogs’

A Leeds resident has shared his fury after finding “dog-sized” rats “screaming” outside his flat.

David Baker, who lives in a three-storey building in Thealby Close, said that since the first Covid-19 pandemic, residents of the building have had an “infestation” of rats. In a number of video clips shared with Leeds liveDavid can be seen entering the trash room where there is a loud creak.

The gruesome moment comes when he looks over the edge of the trash cans to find more than 20 rats feasting on food in trash bags and jumping around. The 29-year-old says he can hear the rats from three floors up in the building.

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Leeds’ father added that the rats were also causing damage to residents’ parked cars. Drivers have to get their cars “fixed weekly” as rats “chomp through wires” in cars.

A Leeds resident is ‘worried’ for the safety of his children after finding more than 20 rats in a bin outside his building

After allegedly getting no help from the council, the father-of-two took matters into his own hands. Recruiting a group of his neighbors, they took the rats to the council office in the town hall.

David said, “A group of us took the trash from the housing office, I knocked the trash over in the parking lot and let them crawl all over the parking lot. The board told me they agreed with me actually they said it was a bit drastic but they agreed.

“But then as soon as one of the rats approached one of their cars, a woman said ‘oh no, the rat is approaching my car’. I said ‘well, I’m sorry my love, but we have to live where the rats are’.

David, 29, and a group of his neighbors took matters into their own hands and took the rats to the Leeds City Council office
David, 29, and a group of his neighbors took matters into their own hands and took the rats to the Leeds City Council office

We drove through car after car while rats gnawed at the wires of our cars. We repair our cars almost every week.”

He added: “I have two children staying with me on weekends and we cannot have rats where the children are.One of my neighbors had to move into a hotel, it’s so bad. Some of them are the size of a small dog.”

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said: “Our pest control team have been working to address this issue in Cromwell Heights and as part of this investigation we have identified a number of hotspots which we are working to sealing and further baiting should provide a long term solution to the problem in this area.

“Council services, including pest control, waste management, Cleaner Neighborhood Teams and Housing Leeds, continue to work together to ensure issues are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. Further information on preventing infestations can be found on the council’s website: pest control (leeds.gov.uk).”

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