Lee County improvements to include new dog park, modifications to Big Carlos Pass bridge


Lee County has several improvements underway, including a brand new dog park and changes to make the new Big Carlos Pass bridge more pedestrian friendly.

$1 million of taxpayer dollars was spent to build a dog park in Boca Grande, where the community has long requested it. There will be areas for large and small dogs, a dog wash station and places for our four-legged friends to freshen up.

Lee County Commissioner Brian Hamman said demand for dog parks is growing nationwide, and especially here in Southwest Florida. At their next meeting, the county commissioners will discuss the green light for the start of construction.

“We have all kinds of regulations that we have to obey, things that protect the public,” Hamman said. “I promise you when it’s done it will be awesome, something the community has been looking forward to.”

The big project should last five months.

County commissioners are also studying changes to the new Big Carlos Pass bridge, primarily making it much taller and no longer a drawbridge. At their next meeting, the commissioners hope to finalize more details regarding the construction of the bridge.

This bridge, which connects Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach to Bonita Springs, will include new sidewalks for people to ride bikes on and an area for fishing. According to Hamman, with the area being such a popular place for locals and tourists, an upgrade is needed, but the cost is rising.

“Now this is a project that when we planned it a few years ago was supposed to cost $50 million,” Hamman said. “Because of the price escalation that you all are facing back home, we see that in our project: it’s now an $80 million project, but it’s still on track and we’re looking to make it happen. for the people.”

Of that $80 million, $8 million will go to the construction company. Crews are due to begin work in August.

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