Kodiak and grizzlies

A hunting trip to Kodiak Island, Alaska, with Christian Questead. Christian and his hunting buddy were going big game hunting. It is not very cold during this season and there is no shade because there are no trees. A little difficult because we fly about an hour and a half and over a puddle jumper and they land and they let you out. And we set up right on the shore and you put up a bear fence. And so the whole concept of me needing to sleep inside this bear fence makes you a little nervous, doesn’t it? It’s an electrified fence. Yes. It literally looks like what they have in place to keep the cattle on the premises and whatever. In fact, I think we had two strands of rope that contained wire and a small electrical box. It has a battery. Yeah, and you have a door with a plastic handle when you come in. I mean, you probably have less than 100 feet of wire, so you have 25 by 25 square feet around your tent and your meat is hanging. And I sleep pretty heavy at night. Luckily my hunting park partner Nathan doesn’t. But you’re still sitting there wondering, you know, you hear these stories and here I am. You know, if they’re happy and full, then they don’t care much about humans if they’re hungry. So I guess you never know what they’ll do. I mean, my dad grew up in Livingston, Montana, so I mean, he’s got countless grizzly bear stories and stuff that’s kind of stuck in my mind. I wouldn’t sleep a wink.

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