Kindness as an Instrument for Big-Eyed Crypto Bull Markets Coin, Tamadoge, and How Solana’s Roadmap Helps It Win

Meme coins have been capitalizing on dog-friendliness for a while, we are starting to see some puppies entering the fold in addition to monkeys like Apecoin (APE). Perhaps there is something in the human psyche that draws us to animal friendliness, and that has helped cryptocurrency in many ways.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat-based crypto where the name “Big Eyes” comes from. A cat’s big (BIG) eyes can make us do things we don’t quite understand, all for cuteness, and in this case, it’s all for crypto. Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) is another cute dog-based crypto that we will be reviewing. This article will then explore Solana (SOL) and how his track record helps him win.

Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) and its aww-ness

How does this cat exploit cuteness?

The kindness process is hardwired into us and when the act of “kindness” occurs, two things happen:

  1. Our orbitofrontal cortex kicks in and tells us to protect this “vulnerable” animal.
  2. This leads to activation of the nucleus accumbens, which in turn releases dopamine – known as the feel-good hormone.

When someone sees a kitten or a cat doing something cute, our brain therefore makes us want to protect it; and we are rewarded in the process. This will somehow ensure the love you have for the cat even if it does things like pee where it shouldn’t, like on your shoes.

The cat’s big eyes don’t help with this process because it makes him even more adorable, and that’s where Big Eyes (BIG) comes in. He harnesses the power of his cuteness to provide us with the cryptocurrency of in a way we’ve never seen before.

These are also called “cute signs”, they are things that show a lot of youth, harmlessness and exposure to danger. People (and that includes crypto users) have a soft spot when it comes to kindness. This means that any baby-like creature like a cat can generate an “aww” response from us.

What is the Big Eyes coin?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the native cryptocurrency of the Big Eyes (BIG) blockchain and network. It is created on the Ethereum (ETH) chain which gives it access to similar levels of scalability, decentralization and security as Ethereum (ETH).

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also a meme-based utility token, which means its use cases give it real uses.

Is there more to Big Eyes than cuteness?

Cats are more than pretty balls of fluff and that applies to Big Eyes Coin (BIG). This crypto is active and just like the cat does not waste energy on stock-related matters, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) delivers without delay. Big Eye (BIG) coins have fast transaction per second (TPS) and it happens in a secure way.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) allows transactions to happen in the ecosystem with a bit of fun, leveraging chats and memes to make it happen. Big Eyes (BIG) coins are flexible and robust cryptos designed to change positively with market ups and downs. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) was designed to be unstoppable the same way a cat has 9 lives!

The decentralization and community nature of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) make it a sociable crypto like the feline. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is about sharing and communicating information through its network. This in turn builds trust and makes that “pride” of lions go further, instead of just speeding up.

Where do we buy Big Eyes parts?

Stage 1, Squatting, is underway and allows you to purchase Big Eyes (BIG) coins at a pre-sale price. This stage also sees Big Eyes Coin (BIG) activating its social channels, PR machine and media stunts. In addition to the pre-sale, three audits of the part will be carried out.

This is all in preparation for the second stage, Leap, which will see the launch of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) on Uniswap (UNI). If Big Eyes Coin (BIG) interests you, find out how it can help you reduce your expenses and how it competes with Cardano (ADA) here.

Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) the game!

How does the dog exploit kindness?

Dogs and puppies also have cute spots – just like the cat – but in a different way that makes us love puppy photos. The dog’s large round head in relation to its body size makes it cute. Its large round ears and rounded shape also contribute to its cuteness.

As if that weren’t enough, the large, forward-facing eyes add a few cuter points to him, and lastly, his floppy limbs knock most humans off the cuteness! Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) is a platform based on puppies and dogs. He exploits their kindness to give us a similar experience to Big Eyes Coin (BIG), but more with dogs!

cute animals

Tamadoge pets (TAMADOGE) are at the heart of the project, they are essentially redeemable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are tradable. These pets can be purchased with Tamadoge tokens (TAMADOGE) and each pet is hit like a baby with its characteristics (weaknesses and strengths).

Feeding your pet Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) will make it grow and this will allow you to feed it into adulthood. The Tamadoge combat arena battles that come with his adulthood can make him the best doge in the Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) ranking.

What is a Tamadoge token?

Dogs too have their cute dots just like cats, which is where Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) comes in. The Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) token is a cryptocurrency in the Tamaverse of the Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) blockchain. Much like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), it is a utilitarian meme coin. A Tamadoge Pet (TAMADOGE) is also a digital creature based on a dog in the Tamaverse that users can raise just like a real pet.

How is it used?

Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) is deflationary with multiple use cases, it can be used to fight and climb the leaderboard through the accumulation of Dogepoints. Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) users who have the most points at the end of each month can claim Dogepoool winnings. Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) should grow with you and gain strength over time, neglecting these creatures can eventually turn them into Tamagosts.

Are they safe to buy?

Only buy Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) tokens if you have studied the token characteristics of its supply, issuance and Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) economy as a whole. Cryptocurrency may be vulnerable to theft and hackers may attempt to interfere with the Tamadoge (TAMADOGE) network. As with any cryptocurrency, if you are not careful, attacks (e.g. malware attacks) can result in the loss of Tamadoge Tokens (TAMADOGE) or hinder your access to them.

Solana (SOL) – Turbine Powered Goodness

Solana (SOL) isn’t exactly a cute or meme-based platform, but it’s popular, that has to count for something, right? unfortunately not for cuteness, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own extraordinary characteristics. Solana (SOL) is an open-source public blockchain with massive transaction processing speeds. Its native Solana tokens (SOL) help it govern the network and run decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. These tokens also secure the network and can be staked or used as a means of transferring value.

One of the reasons for the success of Solana (SOL) is her track record which she has executed perfectly. Only one item remains in its roadmap, which is the full mainnet release, although Solana (SOL) is now running on a beta form of the mainnet. Through the Solana GitHub, we can expect stake-weighted QoS, fee market adjustment, and fast UDP Internet Connection (QUIC), which is a new encrypted transport layer network protocol. With these changes in place, Solana (SOL) has great potential to continue to gain value even though a crypto winter seems to be on its way.

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