Kent’s heroic hound who saved his owner’s life from a giant boar

Animals have the ability to be a true force for good, with pets being a vital part of many people’s lives.

There is arguably no truer meaning of this special bond than the adorable dog.

Considered man’s best friend, the close friendship that often develops between man and dog can go far beyond simply providing shelter, food and walks.

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One dog in particular went out of their way to protect her personal relationship with the man who was caring for her.

Dating back to the turn of the 20th century, Nelly Bligh, as she was affectionately known, risked her life to ensure she wouldn’t lose her ‘human’ forever.

Although the details are hazy given her historical nature (the photo above is the only one available, taken in the 1930s), our archives have provided us with enough information to determine that she was nothing less than than a hero.

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It belonged to Mr. Mallion of Hubbard’s Farm, Lenham Heath, Lenham when remarkable circumstances – the situation leading up to it is a bit of a mystery – caused it to come under attack.

Mr Mallion was knocked down and bitten by a boar, only a handful of captive boars, imported from the Continent, were present in Britain at this time.

To add to his misfortunes, a pig and a sow have joined the fray to increase the dangers present.

Nelly Bligh, who would have seen her master’s troubles, rushed in and attacked the furious animals, holding them off to avoid further damage.

This continued until finally his barking brought help, calming the animals and restoring Mr. Mallion to full health.

Luckily, the duo were able to reconnect, all thanks to the great beast’s bravery in the face of immediate danger.

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