Italian mastiff dog protecting toddler from ‘attack’ divides internet

A dog that appears to jump to protect a toddler from an ‘attack’ is praised online.

In a video Shared on TikTok on September 22 by user Sarah (@sarah_rue1), her partner Lawrence shows what happens when he pretends to shove his 3-year-old son.

Rip, a 9 month old baby Cane Corso (a type of Italian Mastiff) – immediately runs over and bites Lawrence’s arm. The dog refuses to let go, remaining attached to Lawrence’s arm as he moves around the room.

Captioned “Look how well our Cane Corso protects our son”, the clip has so far received 2 million views and nearly 270,000 likes.

‘Help me’

A photo of a young boy cuddling a Cane Corso dog.
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A study 2020 conducted by the Arizona State University Canine Science Laboratory suggested that dogs instinctively protect their owners. Studying 60 companion dogs, none of whom had received rescue training, the researchers found that about two-thirds of the dogs wanted to help their owner when they showed signs of distress.

The experiment involved confining owners to a large box with a lightweight door. The dog had to push aside the door to reach its owner. The owners pretended to be in danger, shouting phrases such as “help me”. As part of the test, owners were not allowed to call their dog’s name and were given coaching so that their calls for help sounded authentic.

Although only a third of the dogs rescued their owners, many more tried but failed to open the door, showing signs of stress such as whining, barking and footsteps.

It is natural for owners to want a pet that loves and protects them. However, when dealing with dogs and young children, it is important that caregivers do not confuse loyalty with guard resources.

Elissa Weimer-Sentner, owner of Paw & Order Dog Training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said she often sees him with his parents.

“We think it’s cute when a dog looks like it’s protecting our baby, but in reality, it’s an extremely dangerous behavior and situation,” she said. Newsweek.

Weimer-Sentner said dogs become possessive of things they don’t want to share and may view a baby or child as a toy or resource that belongs to them.

“Have you ever seen a dog bare its teeth or growl when you approached it while it had a bone, toy or food? It’s the same thing but in a different situation,” he said. she declared.

“Sometimes it can be just a grunt, or it can escalate into blinking teeth, etc.”

Weimer-Sentner advises caregivers to teach their dog to voluntarily walk away from the child with toys or ordersbefore it becomes a problem, rather than waiting until you or your child find themselves in a risky situation.

“It’s important to learn the warning signs of a dog being possessive towards your baby,” she said.

“Contact a qualified expert to resolve these issues so that your family can live in peace without worrying about your child’s safety.”

“This is your only warning”

Rip’s owner, Sarah Nee, adopted him when he was eight weeks old, and it wasn’t long before the pup started showing his protective instincts.

“Corsos are a guardian breed and he has a strong protective instinct that shows in his behaviors,” Sarah said. Newsweek.

“For example, he will ‘patrol’ the bridge and the property. He will also stand between his family and others. We also have a small chihuahua and he watches her as well.”

Sarah said Rip’s desire for protection was innate and began to manifest when the Corso was just 9 weeks old.

“He’s a big jester who loves to play,” she said. “He is gentle, affectionate and loves people.”

Sarah understands why people are intimidated by Rip, but said she and Lawrence worked hard to socialize him from an early age and trained him well.

“Genetics is a big factor,” she said. “Rip comes from a reputable breeder and has a wonderful, stable temperament.

“We also enforce firm boundaries, even around things like what you saw in the video where it was just play time. Teaching our kids about proper boundaries has also been important.

“As with all dogs, we do not leave them together unsupervised. Corsos are not a breed for new dog owners and require firm leadership from their owners.

“That being said, Rip is a sweet and friendly dog, and we are happy to have him in our family.”

The majority of TikTok users responded positively to the clip, with Katalina Brott calling Rip a “good boy”.

“‘He said ‘that’s your only warning,'” Princess Peach joked.

“He’s like uh no sir let me show you the door,” Nomoreabuse2021 commented.

“It’s like I won’t hurt you, but I’ll let you know it’s possible,” Dominique wrote.

Still, other users were concerned about the video, with Dog Stuff warning the poster to be “careful”.

“It’s fine until you have other kids to play with and they’re bickering,” TobyPennypeewee said.

While Nadine Munro-Jong called the scene a “recipe for disaster”.

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