Interested in adopting a dog? ‘Carmen’ catches it

You know, when you travel, you always come home with more than you left? This recently happened to a PETA staff member after a trip to Mexico. The staff member flew south to help with a PETA-sponsored sterilization / sterilization event in a small town hours from Cancun – and returned with an extra 8 pounds. That’s 8 pounds of the most heart-melting, most aww– inducing cuteness that you have never seen. Come on, we triple dog dare you to look at that face and not smile:

This sweet girl was named Carmen by the PETA staff member who rescued her.

Yeah, she’s pretty perfect. And she is available for adoption.

A PETA staff member took Carmen to the United States, but we hope you just might be the one to bring this adorable girl home.

In Mexico, where the pet overpopulation crisis is severe, millions of dogs live on the streets. Carmen was found homeless in Cancún. When a local Good Samaritan took her to an animal shelter, she had internal parasites and ticks.

Interested in adopting a dog?  'Carmen' catches it

A shelter worker examines Carmen in Mexico.

Her shyness and fear made it clear that she hadn’t had a lot of positive interactions with humans, but our employee was eager to show her that humans can be kind and sometimes even family.

Interested in adopting a dog?  'Carmen' catches it

Carmen received food and TLC upon arriving at the PETA shelter.

Now Carmen is with a foster family which she shares with children, another dog and a cat. Her foster family report that she is doing well (although the fun and games with her new friends are a bit tiring).

Interested in adopting a dog?  'Carmen' catches it

Carmen takes a nap with her blanket and teddy bear.

Carmen is a puppy of about 3 months. We suspect that this is a dog mix that will likely be a medium sized dog once she reaches full maturity. Seriously, we can’t with those ears!

Interested in adopting a dog?  'Carmen' catches it

Interested in giving Carmen a loving home? Keep reading!

Like any puppy, she needs good socialization. If you’re someone who stays home most of the day, you might be the perfect person to help this deserving dog learn and thrive. Send an email to [email protected] to learn more about its adoption.

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