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The Richmond Peddlers Shopping Center has a litany of treasures stored within its walls. On Saturday, various treasures ended up outside the building.

The Humane Society Animal League for Life of Madison County brought in more than 10 adoptable dogs and puppies who were looking for new homes. A collaboration with the Peddler’s Mall, the event also featured 35 vendors and five food trucks.

The humanitarian society also sold t-shirts and magnets and collected donations at the event. A bake sale to benefit the animals was held inside the mall, while a group of cheerleaders from Madison Central High School were also on hand to help. According to the organizers, the idea for the fair came from Peddler’s Mall.

“They raise money for us at Peddler’s Mall. They have donation boxes set up at their registers all year round. So they’re already animal supporters. They suggested it to us last fall. We have had our first, it was a fall event and this is our second, so we hope to continue to do so,” explained Evie Seacrest, president of the Humane Society Animal League.

Currently, the Madison County Humane Society has 20 dogs and puppies and approximately 70 cats and kittens in their care. As of Saturday, 12 of these dogs are available for adoption. Anyone who wants to adopt from the human society must first go through an application process. Seacrest said it was important that animals at the shelter be placed in the care of families who can properly care for them.

“Our shelters are packed at the moment. Our shelter is a bit different in that all of our dogs have to go home to foster parents. So if we don’t have foster parents to open their homes, we can’t take a dog. We’re limited to the number of adoptive parents we have,” Seacrest said. “We house cats in our adoption center, but we have a limited number of kennels. Again, we can only accommodate a limited number, so we have to keep them adopted. We don’t have to say more than we say yes (regarding potential adoptions), and it’s really awful that we have to do that.”

The Humane Society has a comprehensive process for treating the animals it takes in. Adoption center director Jessica Adams noted that the process varies depending on the age and needs of the animal in question.

“It usually depends on the age of what we can do. Usually with puppies we do between four and five rounds of Parvo, Bordetella and Rabies dispenser shots. We also spay them or spay and microchip them,” Adams said. “If they are six months old or older, we have to test them with heartworm…Once they have completed all the checks, we put them on Petfinder. In terms of the adoption process, we do an application that takes one for three working days and then we do a house call for all of our dogs.”

There are many running costs to human society when it comes to running its shelter – everything from food, checking, and general supplies. Events like the vendor fair are very helpful. Adams estimated that the shelter spends between $100 and $200 per room for all of its animals. She noted that the price can be significantly higher under certain circumstances.

“If you have something more invasive, we could spend thousands of dollars on a cat and their adoption fee would be $35,” Adams said. “We are 100% volunteers, so it takes a lot of effort. I work full time, Monday to Friday, and then I volunteer full time. So we are all very busy. If you can’t take care of your pets, please don’t go outside or throw them away Contact rescue groups and contact shelters.

As for adoption fees, cats cost between $10 and $50 while dogs cost $150 (although large dog breeds cost $100).

Seacrest said she hopes to promote pet neutering with the vendor show.

“We run a low-cost spaying and neutering clinic on Big Hill Avenue, usually on Mondays. People can call the Humane Society at 859-626-5600 for information about spaying or neutering their pets. “said Seacrest. “We service other counties. So there is a waiting list to be spayed or neutered, but we’ll put you on the list.”

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