Huge 130lb mastiff ‘fall in love’ with tiny orphan kitten

The surprising friendship between a 130lb mastiff and a 0.5lb foster kitten has melted hearts online, gaining over 2 million views in just three days.

Despite their huge difference in height, Cane Corso Norm and his kitten companion have formed an unlikely friendship, as the couple have been documented snuggling up to each other.

“My 130lb chess mastiff fell in love with my ½lb foster kitten,” wrote their owner, who downloads as @norm_the_househippo.

The video showed Norm looking affectionately at the little kitten. Later clips showed him approaching Norm as the couple seemed to sniff each other out. Surprisingly, the two animals were as calm as they can be around each other.

Adorable, the foster kitten even slapped her adoptive mastiff brother’s muzzle at one point. A subsequent video also showed the kitten snuggling under Norm.

The couple have proven that sometimes the best friendships are the most unexpected. Meanwhile, the owner’s other cat doesn’t seem so affectionate, as a video showed him hissing past the newcomer before walking away.

“This is Norm’s baby now. They must not go their separate ways,” wrote one viewer.

Video can also be seen in full here.

TikTok viewers have asked the couple’s owner to permanently adopt the kitten into foster care, and that seems like a possibility. Although she confirmed in the comments that adopting every animal you adopt is just not feasible, the owner later shared a poll on her TikTok account asking whether to adopt the cat or not.

According to TikTok videos, the foster kitten was left “half-dead in a cardboard box,” but viewers are hoping it becomes a “foster-family failure” just like Norm.

Norm was originally raised by his owner, but after being brought back to health he was eventually adopted.

“Despite being homeless, freezing and hungry enough to eat sticks, Norm was confident, happy and enjoyed life in one way or another,” she wrote in a video. “I promised to do the rest of his life the good part.”

“My boyfriend is a veterinarian at a shelter and sent me this video one day. Animal control brought this puppy emancipated. He wasn’t healthy enough to be adopted, so we decided to put him in. with a host family.

“It was hard to tell his age or race because he was malnourished and hadn’t grown properly. He was scared but tired … until he played with his first toy,” she added.

“He slowly gained enough weight to be safely sterilized. I had to keep a thunder shirt on him during walks because people were commenting on his weight.”

Although the couple originally believed Norm to be a mutt, they soon found out that he was in fact a purebred mastiff. With the help of another rescue puppy, he quickly learned to trust other dogs and thrived.

“He stole our hearts so we adopted him,” she wrote.

News week contacted Norm’s owner for comment.

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