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You don’t have to be an industry expert to know that it’s not an easy time to be an independent retailer.

As multinational chains have seen their profits soar, smaller independent retail companies have had to work harder to stay competitive.

However, your small retail business can still thrive, especially as business picks up in the coming months, and many SMBs are optimistic about future revenue.

So here are some tips for small retail businesses looking to compete with the big chains.

Refine your online presence

If you want to compete in modern retail, you’ll need an online presence like Amazon and Tesco.

If you’re a small retail business, you need to make sure that the online shopping experience you provide is simple, enjoyable, and accessible.

Take the time and money to invest in building a flawless e-commerce store. It’s probably the single most effective thing you can do to build customer loyalty and stay competitive in contemporary retail.

Give a personal touch

People love big box stores because they are cheap and have an abundance of products. Small businesses may be less able to achieve this.

However, you can offer the kind of personal touch that keeps valued customers coming back. At all your points of sale, ensure that the shopping experience is personal.

Communicate with your customers, encourage staff to remember names, and go the extra mile to make shoppers feel valued and welcome.

Retain top talent

If you’re a growing small retail business, you’ll need the best possible talent to succeed. You will need coders for your website, sharp business strategists, marketers, and more.

While you may not be able to match the top salaries of your larger competitors, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer eye-catching compensation packages.

You can set up a stock option plan with the help of a specialist service like SeedLegals, which allows you to offer your best employees equity in your business. This way they have a more powerful incentive to choose your business over your competitors.

Your niche is everything

For small businesses, trying to be a jack-of-all-trades is a losing game.

You won’t have the resources or the supply chains to offer an all-in-one service. Instead, focus on your niche and go all out. What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t?

Are these handmade and homemade items? Is it a commitment to sustainability that big box stores can’t offer?

Maybe your niche involves the role your retail business can play in your local community or town? You have something special to offer, so use it to compel customers to shop with you.

With these essential tips for small retailers, you can compete with the titans of commerce and carve out a valuable niche that customers will come back for.

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