How to prepare your pets for summer storms

Storms from Sunday evening to Monday morning were a loud reminder that the summer season can lead to an emergency with little warning. You want to have a plan for your family, and that includes your pets.

We spoke with Anna Chrisman of Michigan Humane for her advice on how to prepare and protect your pets in the event of a natural disaster:

1. Have a safe and cool place for them during a power outage. They don’t have to be outside.

2. Keep a supply of their medications or special diet foods, in case something happens to the vet’s office during the storm.

3. Store additional water. They’re going to need fresh water, just like you.

4. Talk to your vet about how to deal with their anxiety if storms make them nervous.

Chrisman also introduced us to an adorable home-craving cat: Marshall.

She is a “more loving” type of cat, which means she is rather stocky and needs a family that can help her lose weight. The affectionate 7-year-old feline is great around kids and other pets, so if you’re looking to adopt her, talk to Michigan Humane about the best way to introduce her to your family.

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If you want to adopt the Pet of the Week, Marshall, Mike Morse Law Firm will pay all adoption fees.

For more information on Marshall, or other pets and the pet tips Michigan Humane has to offer, watch the video above.

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