How to make a rescue dog’s Christmas wish come true!

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – In our Leigh’s Lost and Found, a special tree you will see appear in some local businesses.

This is called the donation tree. This is the brainchild of local rescue, 4 the Love of K9′s, to help get rescue dogs into good homes for the holidays.

“It’s Twix. He is a beautiful chihuahua available for adoption.

The ornaments on this Christmas tree are not your typical holiday fare.

“We have adoptable dogs on the adornments. On the back of the ornaments we have the whole wish list of things they would like.

Rhonda Grosjean with 4 the Love of K9′s says this is the first year the rescue has tried this tree to give.

“This one, he wants a new collar, a spiky rubber toy, a bag of dog food and a family of his own.” “

Each ornament features a cute photo of a dog in need and what they would like for Christmas. Some want a chew toy and flea medicine and some want a puzzle toy and a new sweater.

here jazzy, an australian shepherd, wants a thunder jacket and a soft leash.

“Ah, there is Tinker Bell. “

But what each of them really wants is a family home for Christmas.

“I’m just trying to get the message across of welcoming, adopting, donating supplies, if you can’t adopt or can’t host. “

a total of twelve trees are scattered around businesses in Springfield, hoping to get these dogs out of shelters and place them in foster or permanent homes.

“They have no voice. They can’t tell you that they are in pain, that they need something.

But these messages speak for them, and if you listen, you could be life changing.

Check out the 4 the Love of K9 website at the link below for where the bountiful trees are located.

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