How to get Georgia citizenship by investment program

How to get Georgia citizenship by investment program

Citizenship for Investment: Georgia Prepares to Launch Its Own Program

How to get Georgian citizenship to a citizen of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus? At this stage, the Law on Citizenship of Georgia stipulates the following methods: citizenship of Georgia through marriage and/or citizenship of Georgia by naturalization. An opportunity is also available to restore Georgian citizenship, having previously obtained Georgian citizenship by birth. But soon the “citizenship for investments” program of the Georgian country should be launched, which will allow a Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian to get Georgian citizenship as quickly, simply, legally, and profitably.

More and more people are realizing that obtaining additional citizenship is a reasonable investment in a better future. In today’s conditions, when political scandals are replaced by economic crises, military conflicts and climatic disasters around the world, many successful, prudent and wealthy businessmen issue passports and citizenship for themselves and their relatives abroad in order to minimize numerous risks.

How to get additional citizenship abroad? It offers a variety of procedures and processes: from naturalization in the host country and marriage to its citizen or citizen to the search for evidence of the presence of immigrants from this state in their family tree.

In order to obtain citizenship abroad as quickly as possible, simply, legally and profitably, you have to invest solid money in the economy of the recipient’s jurisdiction. But such an opportunity is not available everywhere. It offers only about a dozen states.

These countries are actively competing with each other in price, offering foreign investors more and more interesting conditions for obtaining passports. At the same time, newcomers periodically enter the world market.

In the near future, a group of such newcomers can replenish Georgia. Read on, there you will find out how it will be possible to obtain Georgian citizenship by investment program quickly and simply.

Georgian Citizenship for Investment – First Real Steps

The Georgian parliament will soon discuss a large package of amendments to the Georgian Citizenship Law. The amendments prepared by the parliamentary committee on legal issues provide for the introduction of several amendments to the existing procedures for representing Georgian citizenship.

If they are approved, the country will actually have a program of economic citizenship. The provision of Georgian citizenship through it will be regulated as follows: people who invest heavily in the economic development of the host country will be able to obtain Georgian citizenship as an exception for such investments.

Judging by the description, the Georgian scheme will resemble a similar scheme in Austria, where it has long been practiced granting citizenship to foreign investors for their exceptional contribution to the development of the country without presenting any specific requirements to them.

That is, the Georgian scheme will slightly differ from the standard citizenship for investment programs with clearly defined criteria and conditions. Like those that operate in the Caribbean, where the presentation of passports to foreign investors is put on stream.

But the list of proposed amendments to the Law “On Citizenship” of Georgia is by no means limited to this alone. Legislators also propose to represent Georgian citizenship to foreigners if such foreigners have significant talents and abilities in sports, science or art and want to represent Georgia in their field in the international arena.

At the same time, it is proposed to increase the duration of the naturalization period. Those foreigners who would like to obtain Georgian citizenship by naturalization will have to live twice as long in this country – up to ten years in the case of the usual naturalization procedure (earlier this period was five years).

However, many people who wish to obtain Georgian citizenship through naturalization do not use the standard procedure for obtaining a Georgian passport but instead, apply for it by choosing one of several alternative routes.

Currently, an alien can obtain Georgian citizenship through naturalization not according to the standard procedure if the applicant marries a citizen or citizen of Georgia. In this case, the application procedure is simplified, and the residency requirement is only two years. Moreover, the applicant must know the Georgian language, the history of Georgia and the basics of Georgian legislation.

Another important innovation was proposed. If a person wants dual citizenship as an exception, the extradition of which has so far been done at the discretion of the president, he or she will no longer be required to contact the president of Georgia. Instead, an application for dual citizenship through exclusion will need to be sent to the State Services Development Agency, the relevant embassy or consulate.

For reference: last year, Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili approved the granting of Georgian citizenship to the respective applicants based on the results of the consideration of 3 thousand applications.

The President of Georgia supported the simplification of the process of granting dual citizenship by sending a request to parliament to establish more liberal and simplified procedures in this matter by officially legitimizing such procedures. The politician made the corresponding statement the other day in Tbilisi, where a forum dedicated to the Day of Diaspora of Georgia was held.

“I would like the amendments to the legislation on dual citizenship to be adopted by parliament as soon as possible. I would like to clarify that the rules for the submission of dual citizenship have already been established, but bureaucratic procedures slow down this process. With a more liberal approach to resolving dual citizenship issues, complex procedures will no longer be required. I would welcome the quick adoption of amendments to the legislation, ”said President Margvelashvili.

Georgian citizenship for investment – a residence permit of Georgia when buying real estate and/or starting a business as a proven alternative for investors

The above scheme of representing Georgian citizenship to investors is still only a draft amendment to the legislation on citizenship. And it is not entirely clear whether it will be implemented in fact or not.

On the other hand, foreign investors have a proven alternative to this ephemeral scheme, which allows them to move to Georgia on condition of making profitable investments and with the prospect of obtaining Georgian citizenship by naturalization. This is a program of investment residency, which has been operating in this country for several years. Read more:
Consulting service for independent obtaining a residence permit in Georgia – costing 999 USD

Nearly 6 hundred foreigners have already been able to take advantage of a convenient, fast, legal and profitable scheme for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia when buying real estate and/or starting a business (according to official statistics for the period from 2014 to 2018).

At the same time, everyone who wants to apply for a residence permit in Georgia when buying real estate, including Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian ex-pats, experts recommend paying attention to housing in the capital city.

Georgian Citizenship for Investment – Instead of Conclusion

Despite the presence in the country of a legally valid scheme for obtaining a residence permit of Georgia when buying real estate, investing in business or employment, as well as the absence of a legal citizenship for investment program in Georgia, many foreigners with enviable persistence want to know the answer to the question “ buy “passport of Georgia.

For obvious reasons, law-abiding and reputable immigration agents declare their unwillingness to help such clients. On the other hand, fraudsters are always happy to make money on such immigrants, helping them to obtain illegal or semi-legal passports, or even leaving such people without money and with empty unfulfilled promises.

Try not to fall into the hands of such scammers and wait for the launch of the “citizenship for investment” program of Georgia, if, of course, it takes place. In addition, you can always apply for a residence permit in Georgia when buying real estate, investing in business or employment, and then start the naturalization process, while exploring a potential new homeland.

In fact, Georgian citizenship for citizens of the Russian Federation or Belarus can be a very valuable tool. What does Georgian citizenship give? It represents Russian and Belarusians, among other things, visa-free Schengen.

If you, dear readers, are interested in applying for a residence permit in Georgia when purchasing real estate for the subsequent acquisition of a Georgian passport and citizenship through naturalization, read the thematic guide for foreigners wishing to buy real estate in Georgia.

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