Homeowner’s garden tool started a fire at a home in The Brick, NJ

A gardening tool is blamed for a wind-blown fire that destroyed two homes along Kettle Creek in the Bay Harbor section of The Brick.

The Bay Way fire on the afternoon of September 28 spread to the upper floor of a neighboring house in southwesterly winds of 25 mph. The occupant of the house was using a portable torch to burn the weeds that started the blaze, according to Brick Bureau of Fire chief of fire safety Kevin C. Batzel.

“She didn’t know she had set fire to the combustibles around her house. She was working on another part of the house doing similar weed removal so she didn’t know the house was on fire,” said Batzel in New Jersey 101.5.

House fire on Bay Way in Brick (Ocean Fire Company)
House fire on Bay Way in The Brick (Ocean County Sheriff’s Office)

A passer-by pointed out to him the other side of the house, which was already beginning to spread out on the bridge. The flames quickly jumped onto the siding and then the roof, according to Batzel.

A firefighter sustained a minor burn and was treated by EMS at the scene.

After the first fire was extinguished, firefighters watched for potential hot spots that might have reignited.

Batzel credited departments in surrounding communities with preventing the blaze from spreading even further.

House fire on Bay Way in Brick (Lakewood Scoop)

First responders appreciation

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