Hailey Bieber tells 36 million fans she ‘never felt better’ after giving up meat

Hailey Bieber is actively removing animal products from her diet, the model shared with her 36 million fans in a recent Instagram story. “Over the past two and a half months, I have completely eliminated meat (other than fish) from my daily diet and stuck to more vegetarian / vegan options,” Bieber posted alongside a photo. a gluten-free (and presumably vegan) lemon. poppy seed cake and latte.

The model, who is married to pop star Justin Bieber, explained that she is noticing pronounced health benefits after removing certain animal products from her diet. “I have never felt better,” Bieber said. “[I] feel so clear and energetic. Just share for anyone who might think of cutting meat.

Hailey Bieber’s Vegan Journey

The 24-year-old model first became interested in plant-based foods after tasting the burgers, tater tots and milkshakes at Los Angeles-area vegan mainstay, Monty’s Good Burger, a favorite among vegan celebrities. such as Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. After tasting the premium of Monty’s Good Burger, Bieber took to his Instagram stories to rave about the experience. “So I am neither vegan nor vegetarian. I’m half Brazilian so trust me I love a good pichana (a cut of beef), “Bieber posted in 2019.” But I’ll say over the past week I’ve tried some of the most amazing vegan foods I have. have never had, and want to continue exploring herbal. Send me all your suggestions.

In July 2020, Bieber’s interest in the herbal lifestyle took a turn thanks in part to the Netflix documentary The game changers, a film backed by Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and many more that shines a spotlight on elite athletes who eat a plant-based diet and the performance benefits of ditching the products of animal origin.


Before watching the hit movie, Bieber reached out to his 28 million Instagram followers for advice on how to go vegan. “Trying to switch to a mostly plant-based diet, about to watch The game changersBieber posted in an Instagram story. “If you have any suggestions for other things to look at [and] read, send them to me.

It looks like crowdsourcing vegan tips might have worked to get Bieber to where she is today and with a new documentary Seaspiracy exposing the horrors of the global fishing industry, perhaps Bieber will be inspired to give up all animal products, including fish, for good.

Stars bordering on vegan

Bieber is one of a group of celebrities who have actively reduced their consumption of animal products and are this close to being totally vegetal. Katy Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom are almost both there. “I’m about 95% ready to be 100% vegan,” Perry, an Impossible Burger superfan, told his 109 million Twitter followers in January, adding that his dog Nugget was also on a plant-based diet. for four months.


For his part, Bloom revealed that he is averse to eating meat because he has a weakness for cows. “I’m 90% plant-based, so I’ll only eat a really good piece of red meat maybe once a month,” Bloom said in an interview with the Sunday opening hours in March. “Sometimes I look at a cow and I’m like, ‘This is the most beautiful thing there is.'”

And the Kardashian / Jenner clan is also part of the almost vegan club. Kim Kardashian West has been experimenting with plant-based eating since 2019 and this year the 40-year-old reality TV star and business mogul has pledged to ditch animal products completely. In the process, she also convinced her sisters to try a plant-based diet as well. In May, Kourtney Kardashian shared that she had “become (mostly, 95 percent) vegan” in a post on her Poosh Your Wellness blog alongside a vegan food journal. Currently, Kourtney Kardashian is dating the Blink-182 drummer and longtime vegan. Travis Barker. If all goes well, Barker could take Kourtney Kardashian to 100%.

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