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A chance encounter

The cosmic toll suddenly changes as you take a small climb and look into a small opening along the road. There, three deer search intensely for a few blades of green grass under the snow. You stalked so gently that the deer didn’t realize you were there. For a second, your ego momentarily slips out of its cage as you revel in a little smugness over your incomparable woodworking, even though a tap-wearing soccer team might have walked through the woods today. without making any noise.

Frozen like a camouflaged statue, you watch the deer feed for a few moments. The group is an older doe with two yearlings, probably his offspring, advancing aimlessly about 60 meters and slowly pulling away to the left. The wind is in your face and the deer should feed even closer if they are not afraid.

The deer continues to move, stopping with its head held high and staring, head lowered and feeding, repeating endlessly. Surprisingly, they are still unaware and indifferent to your presence. As they disappear behind a small clump of bushy trees, the feeder through the mouth comes to your shoulder in an exerted but painfully slow motion. So far, so good. You involuntarily wince at the coarse click of the hammer closing over the notch of the solid tail, but the deer cannot hear it in the snowy landscape. The finality is certain, whatever the result, in a few seconds.

The larger deer appears from behind the tree, and after a slight imperceptible adjustment, the front blade sight stabilizes just behind its shoulder. The blade is tucked nicely into the buckhorn rear sight, you’ve got a good hand-held shooting position, the distance isn’t far, and you can’t ask for a setup closer to perfect. If the percussion capsule does its job – not always a guarantee – and the powder does its job and the modern mountain man’s ersatz squeeze the trigger and follow through properly, the result is almost guaranteed.

The deer are still ruminating when they suddenly freeze, now aware that something is seriously wrong as their weird supernatural senses kick in. , remote reception or some other nonsense. In fact, you actually plan for this moment to happen whenever you get close to the big game.

The petrified painting is like one of those old, faded deer hunting prints that adorn the walls of every hunting cabin, but it is quite real, populated by intelligent warm-blooded creatures engaged in a real matter of life or love. dead. This is the crux of the chase, the time when non-hunters don’t get it and devoted hunters can’t explain.

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