Great News Maker Fest returns in person this year to Dover

New England is all about the makers

The people of New England are known for their ability to make things work. I think it has to be something that is passed down from generation to generation. My wife grew up on a farm and she is the restorer in our home. If something is broken, she fixes it or fixes it. I came home one day and saw her under the sink replacing the garbage disposal. I said, “You can’t do that, you have to call a plumber.” Of course, she did it herself. I grew up in New York and didn’t even know what a hammer looked like. I am amazed at how much she and the children can create and fix.

New Hampshire Maker & Food Fest arrives in Dover

The Maker Fest returns in person this year to downtown Dover. Last year’s event was held virtually, and they’ll be returning with a virtual event in addition to an in-person demo. Neva Cole, CMNH’s communications director, says, “Must sound like the mission of the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, which is to actively involve families in hands-on discoveries, the NH Maker Fest is a great opportunity to experience a ton of local innovation and ingenuity in one place. . “

What to expect

This year Lindsey Castellon, owner of Angry Gato Designs, is known for her stunning artwork and laser-cut jewelry. She will show those who stop by her house how to make garlands from scraps of fabric. There will be a podcaster, Laura Harper of the Creative Guts podcast, on hand to introduce children and adults to the world of podcasting. There will be a performance by Irish dance group McDonough-Grimes and much more according to It sounds like fun for the whole family and maybe you will discover a new passion. The event will take place in downtown Dover on 6 Washington Street in Dover on Saturday September 18th. Find out!

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