Good news for an abandoned Cork puppy on his doorstep

Cork puppy abandoned in appalling condition in a box on someone’s doorstep has found a forever home, with local animal welfare charity saying its story proves “there are good people in this world “.

The puppy named Josh was taken into care by the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) last month when contacted by a member of the public who woke up to find the animal left in a box on the walk from his door.

He was in a very bad condition and could not walk.

Cork DAWG took the puppy to a vet where upon examination Josh was found to have no deep pain sensation in his hind legs and was essentially paralyzed from the waist up.

The veterinarian’s advice was to euthanize the puppy but the association decided to give him some time with a foster family and to do a CT scan to better determine the extent of the injuries.

Cork DAWG appealed for donations to help fund the test, which showed the puppy has a normal spine with no breaks or fractures.

The reason for the paralysis is still not known, but the charity reported today that Josh was “full of character and a happy puppy despite his disability.”

They also shared the good news that Josh has found a suitable home forever.

“It’s a game of waiting to see if he will regain the use of his legs but he is undergoing physiotherapy and laser therapy.

“The best news is that Josh has been offered a home in a few weeks with someone who has experience with dogs with disabilities.

“She doesn’t care whether he’ll walk again or not and accept him as he is.

“Josh’s story has proven that there are good people in this world,” the charity said.

Cork DAWG said Josh “stole many hearts” and garnered support from across Ireland and the UK.

“Whatever the future holds, he will be loved and cared for and that’s all we can ask for.”

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