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LUMBERTON — The dog recently rescued after wandering the Interstate 95 median has found a new home.

The Robesonian has received comments from readers, including a New York resident who is keen to adopt the dog.

However, Goldie95 now calls the home of Lumberton resident Stacey Townsend, who worked to save the dog, her own. She will join two other dogs and two cats at home, Townsend said. Her relatives who live nearby also have furry companions that Goldie95 can play with.

“I’m in tears,” Townsend said Tuesday of adopting Goldie95. “She deserves a sweet home.”

Goldie95 was due to be taken to Townsend’s home on Tuesday evening, according to Jason Allison, director of the Robeson County Animal Shelter and animal control officer.

Goldie95 had been running the median between exits 25 and 30 for about two weeks before her May 12 rescue and she was “really fast,” Allison said.

Townsend remembers calling animal control after spotting the stray dog ​​in the freeway median weeks ago. He was told that Animal Control had tried to catch the dog the day before he was called.

“I didn’t see her again until last week,” Townsend said.

She had feared the dog had been hit by a vehicle, but learned she was fine the following day.

Townsend then traveled to the area on May 12 called Animal Control and was assisted in the rescue effort by Allison, she said. Others had also called the same day to report the dog’s location.

Allison told the Robesonian that Townsend would not leave the scene until the dog was rescued.

Since then, Goldie95 has been bathed and shown lots of love at the Robeson County Animal Shelter. She’s also become more comfortable and “coming out of her shell,” Allison said.

“She’s doing really well now,” Allison said.

“We’re happy it ended this way,” he said. “I just want to thank everyone who had concerns about Goldie, you know, it’s much appreciated.”

Allison also shared words of gratitude to the agency that cut the grass in the area, saying the tall grass contributed to the challenges of catching the dog.

“He’s a real soldier,” he said of the dog.

Although Goldie95 has found a home, there are plenty of other animals at the shelter who need to be adopted, he said.

Adoption fee is $25 and covers rabies vaccine for pets 4 months and older.

Adoption hours at the shelter are 12-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Robeson County Animal Shelter is located at 255 Landfill Road in St. Pauls. Shelter attendants can be reached by phone at 910-865-2200.

Contact Jessica Horne at 910-416-5165 or by email at [email protected]

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