Godfrey needs a good home

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Say hello to Godfrey!

Tipping the scales at 131 pounds, Godfrey is a VERY big dog. This bear like dog, a mix of the Pyrenees and the Golden Retriever, hopes to find a home with a couch big enough for him to enjoy the finer things in life during his senior years.

Our friends from Scituate Animal Shelter Tell us that Godfrey is 10 years old and healthy. He has a mass on his leg that will be biopsied and probably removed. Naturally, his rear end can be a bit weak at times, but this guy still has plenty of cum in him.

Godfrey is overall a very good dog but has a bit of an eccentric personality. His dislikes include small children and people wearing glasses (we can’t explain that part). He likes other dogs but gets a little too excited, so a home without other pets is a must for him.

Godfrey doesn’t like to share his food, so he needs adults in his life who leave him alone while eating. Godfrey is an excellent communicator and will let you know if he is unhappy. He does not hesitate to growl or bark if you have annoyed him.

Despite his size, he walks very well on a leash. Someone will need strength though, if they want to shoot you can imagine how far they could take you.

We can’t wait to see this guy step out of a small kennel and into a loving home.

Adoption is by appointment only. For more information on Godfrey e-mail [email protected]

All dogs are fixed, vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas and tested for heartworm and lyme before adoption. Adoption fees are $360 for a dog, $460 for a puppy, and $250 for a dog with special needs or over 10 years old.

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