Giving Back NH: Salem Animal Rescue League

The Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) has been providing care and shelter to abandoned, neglected and injured animals in New Hampshire since 1992.

The following audio postcard visits the LLC campus in Salem, New Hampshire, on a blustery Tuesday morning.


Audio: a key unlocks a door, it opens. Jinelle Hobson can be heard saying “It’s our Kitty City building, I’ll let you in first…”

Jinelle Hobson: My name is Jinelle Hobson, I am the Executive Director of the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, New Hampshire.

Connie Young: Hello, my name is Connie Young. I’m the Director of Community Partnerships here at Salem Animal Rescue League.

Jinelle: So these buildings, we just underwent a major renovation. They completed the renovations in January. This is the brand new building of our feline department.

Our organization was created by volunteers in 1992. This year is therefore our 30th year.

First and foremost, our mission is obviously to rescue animals that are either neglected, abandoned, injured – bringing them healthy and available for adoption into a home to complete a family. So that’s one of the main goals of our adoption program. The other programs we offer are community medicine programs, and those are low-cost sterilization and vaccination clinics.

It just brings another element of the “Wow” factor. When you see an animal arriving in transit or the Salem Police Department brings a stray animal to us that looks fragile and malnourished, and we basically check them, take care of them for as long as possible, regardless the medical needs they need to see this animal that has gone from the lowest point in life to being permanently adopted into a foster home.

We love receiving updates from our adopters. It’s just amazing to see the transformation of an animal and its struggles and when it’s rehomed it’s just wonderful, it’s a wonderful feeling all around.

Audio: A resident of “Kitty City” cuddles up to the microphone. A purr can be heard, as well as a tinkling toy.

Their love is unconditional. You could have the worst day and walk through that door, and whether it’s a dog or a cat, you know, greeting you. It is unconditional love. And they are so forgiving. Animals are so forgiving. And I think it’s just amazing to know what some of these animals are going through.

Know: I’m excited to tell you about our second annual “Pot of Gold” raffle. What is the “pot of gold?” Well, it’s a raffle where you have the chance to win $5,000 and the proceeds will all go to the Salem Animal Rescue League to help support our cats and dogs and our activities here at the shelter. And last year we sold out in six days. So this year we have 350 tickets available. They cost $50 each. You can buy tickets on our website. We are very excited about this. It’s a fun way to get us going into spring and you know, everyone’s excited and we just hope you’ll join us and have fun. Look at our websitelook at our Facebook page, come meet us. We are happy to show you around and mark your calendar. Take this ticket before they leave.

Audio: Katie Corso, canine coordinator, approaches Bernard, a recently adopted 3-year-old mixed-breed dog, calling out, “Hi, handsome boy! Bernard? Bernard barks twice in response.

How to get involved:

Grab a ticket for the Pot Of Gold fundraiser here.

Salem Animal Rescue League is moving this summer! Do you have any leads on finding a new LLC campus in Salem or the Granite State? Contact Executive Director Jinelle Hobson.

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