“Gentle Giant” Dog Who Needs His Fur Forever

Rupert is eight, but RSPCA staff have described him as a ‘pup at heart’.

Geraldine Haynes, Worcester and Mid-Worcestershire Branch President and Dog Repatriation Coordinator, said: “We adore Rupert and really hope his perfect match is imminent.

“Rupert is so loving and really has no idea how big he is as he leaps up to greet you, jumping up to say hello and showering you with kisses.

“Although he is very strong, he walks well on a leash and only pulls if something particularly excites him.

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“He really likes his walks but little and often would be best for him as he has a loss of muscle in his back legs so he would struggle to take long walks but as his muscles develop it should improve.

“He loves to play, but he’s more than happy to be entertained too – he’ll happily chase a ball a few times and then collapse to chew and throw the ball.”

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RSPCA staff added: “Gentle giant Rupert is a big softie and loves nothing more than a cuddle and a belly rub.

“If you can offer this beautiful boy a loving home with a secure garden, please visit This site and complete a perfect match form which should be emailed to [email protected]

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