Game & Fish calls for proper disposal of big game carcasses

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds big game hunters that it is illegal to dump carcasses or other garbage on public lands. Hunters are encouraged to properly dispose of animal carcasses at an approved facility. A map of approved facilities across the state is available on the Game and Fish website.

Hunters are encouraged to contact the facility they are interested in with any specific request. Contact information, location and opening hours can be found by clicking on the specific facility on the map.

Special rules also apply to the transportation and disposal of deer, elk and moose carcasses to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD). CWD can be transmitted from carcasses of animals that have been harvested by hunters and which are positive for CWD. The majority of CWD-positive animals that are harvested appear to be completely normal and healthy.

To minimize the possibility of transmission, Wyoming regulations require that deer, elk and moose hunters only transport the following items into Wyoming from the slaughter site:

  • Whole carcasses can be transported to a camp, private residence for processing, taxidermist, processor, or CWD sample collection site in Wyoming provided the head and all parts of the spine remain on. killing site or have these parts disposed of at a landfill or licensed incinerator in Wyoming.
  • Cut and packaged meat
  • Edible parts without any part of the spine or head attached
  • Cleaned skin without the head attached
  • Skull, cranial plate, or antler that has been cleaned of all meat and brain tissue
  • The teeth
  • Completed Taxidermy Mounts

Whole deer, elk and moose carcasses cannot be transported out of Wyoming. The only parts approved to leave the state are edible parts without part of the spine or head; cleansed skin without the head; skull, cranial plate, or antler that has been cleaned of all meat and brain tissue; the teeth; or finished taxidermy mounts. While these parts are allowed to leave Wyoming, not all state regulations align with this.

NOTE: Nothing in these requirements allows hunters to remove evidence of sex, species or horn or antler development as required by regulation. For more information, see the Important Hunting Information section in the current year’s deer or elk regulations.

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